Laura Bozzo Appears In a Bathing Suit And Mocks Criticism

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Laura Bozzo did her thing again when she appeared from a pool The Peruvian boasted her curves with a tight swimsuit And before the criticism of Internet users, the presenter preferred to make fun

Laura Bozzo unloaded again and boasted her figure in a tight swimsuit that left more than one with her mouth open.

The waste of sensuality met in the Instagram account of the Peruvian, where he hung the hot video that gave rise to the controversy.

In the clip you can see Laura Bozzo from inside a pool, showing off a scandalous swimsuit in dark tones while exercising, opening her legs and hands while holding a kind of weights on each limb.

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The video had more than 44 thousand views and the presenter explained how satisfying she felt while being underwater.

“The most, I exercise in the water. Super effective Blessings for all ”, it could be read.

User comments were swift and Lili Estefan was one of the first to be present.

“Wow, super cool,” wrote the host of the show ‘El Gordo y La Flaca’.

"Very beautiful as always, I would like to have the strength to exercise", "very good", "very beautiful as always", "you are super regal", "how delicious", "how good", "really an inspiration" , "Goddess," "admirable energy of his," "super divine," "cute," fans said.

However, criticism also arrived.

"A mummy in the water," said an Internet user.

And to the surprise of many, Laura Bozzo slapped him with a "white glove" and responded with laugh emoticons at the signal.

Similarly, the Peruvian allowed her followers to take charge of encarga putting the critic in their place ’.

"Stupidity makes you write nonsense", "you really have no education", "no job in social networks, gossip", "you're sick, you feel sorry, distill poison", "what is the need to offend. She is exercising. Rather, you should do something productive with your life, ”they mentioned.

In spite of the diverse accusations that the presenter receives in her publications, Laura Bozzo has not remained idly and continues to squander sensuality.

The same happened a few months ago, when the driver competed with her own daughter.

On the other hand, Laura Bozzo showed off her attributes in her Instagram account with a hot photograph from a terrace overlooking the sea in a spectacular sunset on the paradisiacal beaches of Acapulco, place of which Peruvians are lovers.

The sexy thing about the photo was that despite the sunset and the low light offered by the Astro Rey, the camera flashed caught the driver from a chair, with her legs crossed and wearing a one-piece swimsuit in color red that uncovered his long legs, shoulders and above all, his spectacular pechonality, which in less than a day almost reached 10 thousand 'likes'.

As expected, users fell to Laura Bozzo's attributes and did not hesitate to praise them in the comments section.