Lawyer Attends Trial At Zoom With Cat Filter

Alpine, Texas – A West Texas judge has good advice for those attending hearings through Zoom: always check the filters before entering.

Judge Roy Ferguson made the recommendation after a lawyer accidentally joined a video conference Tuesday for a hearing in a civil forfeiture case while wearing a Zoom filter that made him look like a fluffy white kitten.

“I’m here, live. I’m not a cat, ”said Presidio County Attorney Rod Ponton.


“I can tell,” answered Fergus on, whose district spans five counties in West Texas, including the town of Marfa, from where Ponton was calling.

The short video, which Ferguson shared online, ends with other people advising the lawyer on how to remove the filter.

“These fun times stem from the dedication of the legal profession to ensuring that the judicial system continues to function in these difficult times. Everyone involved handled it with dignity, and the attorney on the filter displayed incredible grace. Real professionalism everywhere! ”The judge tweeted.

In an interview, Ponton said that he has received calls from all over the world and has been invited to national television.

“I always wanted to be famous for being a great lawyer. Now I am famous for appearing in court as a cat, ”he told The Associated Press.