Layoffs In The US Soccer Federation With a New Director

CHICAGO (AP) – The head of the administration office of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), Brian Remedi was fired as part of a series of personnel changes under the orders of new executive director Will Wilson.

Tonya Wallach, the head of the talent and inclusion office since 2018, was also fired on Wednesday. The decisions were first released by Soccer America and confirmed Thursday by the USSF. Deputy personnel were also fired, but the USSF did not say how many people it was.


Wilson announced that he would reduce his salary by 50% during the period of economic uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“For two weeks, when I officially joined the organization, it became clear that the current situation was not sustainable for the economic viability of the federation,” Wilson wrote Thursday in a letter to the members of the organization. “After long discussions we concluded that we needed to act expeditiously and decisively so as not to put the federation at economic risk for years to come.”

Remedi had the third-highest position on the board as head of the shareholders’ office, when he was assigned to work at the head of the administrative office on September 16 after CEO Dan Flynn retired.

He had been with the Federation from 1996 to 1999. He returned in 2009. He received cash compensation of $ 326,745 at the end of the year of operations, on March 31, 2019, according to the USSF tax return.

“Layoffs and licenses are another difficult part of decision making,” Wilson wrote. “There are people who have been incredibly dedicated and have contributed countless hours to help the growth of soccer in the country.”

The USSF announced Wednesday that it would remove the development academy, which included the men’s and women’s youth teams. MLS reported that it would launch a youth competition for men.

“We know that discontinuing support for the development academy will have a significant impact on elite youth soccer,” Wilson wrote. “Although the moment is complicated, an unprecedented time requires that we act in the moment.”

Uncle of former NFL quarterback Andrew Luck, Wilson succeeded Flynn on March 30. He was hired after Cindy Parlow Cone took over as president, replacing Carlos Cordeiro, who resigned after learning of a legal deposition of the USSF in court.

Those arguments were expressed pejoratively about the selection of women in a demand for gender equality.

Jay Berhalter, who was second-in-command with Flynn as director of the business and strategy office, resigned in February. He is the brother of Gregg Berhalter, who was hired in December 2018 as the coach of the United States men’s team.

USSF Legal Office Director Lydia Wahlke was released on administrative leave last month due to controversy in the lawsuit.