Lea Michele, Protagonist Of Glee Expects Her First Baby

The actress has been married for a year to businessman Zandy Reich

read Michele she just gave her fans a huge surprise: she is expecting her first child with her husband, the businessman Zandy Reich, as confirmed by the magazine People. The publication ensures that the actress and businessman are happy with the news, as they always dreamed of having a baby.


“They always wanted to be parents,” a source told People , although so far, neither the actress nor her husband have confirmed the news. The last publication of Lea on networks is from three days ago and it refers to sunbathing while in quarantine … nothing to do with her pregnancy.

read Michele and Zandy Reich They were married in March of last year in Northern California and their wedding was attended by Glee friends like Darren Criss and Becca Tobin, in addition to their partner in Scream Queens, Emma Roberts. Who officiated the ceremony was none other than the producer of both seriesRyan Murphy

, who has a very close relationship with Read.

The actress and businessman’s romance began in 2017 and almost a year later she made her engagement known through a photo she published on Instagram and accompanied by a single word that said it all: “Yes.”

On the subject of her first year of marriage, Read He resorted to his social networks to share for the first time images of his wedding, in which you can see how he got to the place of the ceremony, the face he had Zandy when she approached the altar, as well as how happy and in love they both showed during the party.

“We are very excited to be married and grateful to be surrounded by our friends and family. And above all, we are very happy to spend the rest of our lives together, “the star declared to People.