Leaders Must Know How To Take Risks

Leaders Must Know How To Take Risks

“I’m so scared of bastards because there are a lot of them and they can choose the president.” “Facundo Cabral”

Touching the Ball for Sacrifice is a resource that Sabermetric’s managers have relegated to the background, so you don’t have to give up one of the 27 regulations that need to be created.

In the first eight days of Tomás Troncoso’s Fall/Winter tournament, Capotillo beat ‘Pochale’ with 42 ‘Follies’ and understood that some managers tended to touch the sacrifice ball rather than run and hit.


Skilled coaches like Tigres del Lise’s José Offerman are more accustomed to using the ‘little book’ than surprise plays, and have won many victories so far.

Let’s take a look at the two game situations and the manager’s actions.

1. Runners in 1st and 2nd place have no outs or plays. The conservative coach’s “Little Book” shows that you have to touch the runners to get past them and put them in scoring position. When the coach teamed up, the ball went off-the-fly and a double play occurred.

2. The cornered risky manager tries to take advantage of the inside box and send a long bat to break the fence, but the hit goes straight and ends in a double play.

Both moves had the same result. Moreover, on two occasions he was punished for taking the brunt of criticism because his manager did not apply the “Little Book”. Managers must play to their own standards and be ready to take responsibility. Because in zero hours after a setback, no one is willing to share.Because then the manager is usually left alone in the office… dead alone

Moral: Winning managers are known for their tight games, the way they apply strategic schemes.González,

days like today

In 1955, the Eagles earned their first win of the 1955-56 championship by defeating Laissy 7–5 in an evening game before 10,466 paying fans attended. Eagles American Emil Panko sent a stunning line through left field on a fastball from Rafael Quesada who came in to relieve Ronnie Klein.

Leones del Esguido beat Estrelas Orientales, 2–1 that night, and left-hander Chuck Templeton covered the entire route, becoming the first pitcher to pitch all nine innings in an Age of Enlightenment.

In 1972, Jackie Robinson died of a heart attack at the age of 53.

In 1980, Manuel Mota from Lichy became the first player to participate in 20 campaigns at the ridom, batting 4-1 as the designated hitter. In his 14th innings of the season opener Raisey had his 5–4 win over the Eastern Stars. Pedro Bourbon has won.

In 1981, Chosen Lions Jesús Rojas Arou, pinch-hitting for Luis Lola, made his 20th season in Dominican baseball, becoming the only player after Manuel Mota to play in that many tournaments.

In 1991, Tigres del Lise’s Jorge Álvarez hit the first home run of the 1991-92 championship at Cibao Stadium in a 6-4 Lise win over Aguilas.

In 1997, the 1997-98 Championship began with three games. At Quisqueya, Chosen One beat his Licey 5-1 with Julio Santana taking the win. In La Romana, the Bulls beat the Stars 6-4, aided by Jorge Brito’s batting. won 5-4.

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