Learn How To Prepare Your Own Energy Bars To Lose Weight

The energy bars are perfect before, during and after exercising. Its great contribution of carbohydrates, proteins and micronutrients will serve as an engine to increase your resistance.

For this reason we will help you prepare them at home, using different ingredients and so you can vary in the flavors:

Cereal, fig and nut bar


Crush 25 dried figs until they are like a sticky paste. Crush 100 g of mixed cereals and mix with figs, 25 g of nuts and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Serve in a square or rectangular container, to take the form of a bar. Moisten your hand and crush the mixture until it is uniform.

Cut with a damp knife, cover them with vegetable paper (separately) and, in the same container, take them to the fridge.

Mixed cereal bars and raisins

Over low heat, mix 80 g of butter, 40 g of brown sugar and 1 cup of honey. After it boils, let it cook for 2 more minutes.

Add 2 cups of mixed cereals and 1 cup of raisins, watch them mix well.

Lining a flat container with baking paper, place the mixture without forgetting to add chocolate chips to your liking.

Let cool to room temperature, then freeze for a while. Cut into a bar and keep in the fridge.

Fruit, cereal and seed bars
Photo: Shutterstock

Crush 100 g of nuts and 150 g of dried fruits (plums, figs, dates, etc.). The latter should be like a paste.

Mix them and add a pinch of salt along with 100 g of various cereals. It will be ready when you take a little with your hand, and when you squeeze it just stick to your fingers.

Serve in a mold moistened with sunflower oil. Cut into rectangular portions and wrap in baking paper.

The energy bars offer a caloric intake of up to 500 kilocalories, with up to 15% protein, 25% healthy fats and a carbohydrate content of up to 80%. What do you expect to prepare them?