Legislator Insists On Bill To Name Donald Trump For Florida’s Longest Highway

Florida legislator Anthony Sabatini, who represents Lake County, insists on pushing a bill to change the name of the state’s longest highway, US Route 27, to “President Donald J. Trump ”.

“Today I introduced the bill to name the longest highway in Florida, US Highway 27, The” Highway of President Donald J. Trump “, in honor of one of the most important presidents of the United States” The conservative congressman communicated on Twitter, sharing the link to a petition for signatures for his bill to materialize for the next legislative session.

Sabatini first announced in January his plans to introduce this same legislation in the House during the previous session, but the bill was scrapped by a subcommittee. “This great highway runs through the heart of the state that President Trump calls home,” Sabatini wrote then.


US 27 runs through the state from Tallahassee, Florida’s capital, to Miami. The highway, which spans 481 miles (774 km), is currently designated “Claude Pepper Memorial Highway,” local media recalled.

Claude Denson Pepper was a Democratic Party politician who represented Florida in the US Senate between 1936 and 1951, and Miami in the House of Representatives from 1963 to 1989.

Other Florida roads are also named after presidents, such as the Florida Turnpike, offici ally called the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, or the Orlando City Council, of which a part was named Barack Obama Parkway.

Former Republican President Trump currently resides in Mar-a-Lago, a 1920s mansion located in Palm Beach, Florida, which he converted into a private club in the 1990s and until then used as vacation accommodation, especially during the winter months. . Trump moved into that residence after leaving the White House before the official inauguration of President Joe Biden.

In the November elections, Florida gave its votes to Trump, who aspired to reelection in a historic contest marked by a deep division between the Democratic and Republican parties, in addition to the health crisis due to the coronavirus.

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