Lele Pons Wants To Convey Optimism With Her New Song, ” Fly “

The Venezuelan singer shared with Whom her opinion on the music she performs and what she wants to convey with her songs.

The Venezuelan singer Lele Pons is premiere with its theme Fly on digital platforms, along with the video clip. It is an energetic and happy musical theme, based on the dance and with a twist of the tribal house of the Colombian guaracha and its characteristic tempos.


Accompanied by the singer Susan Diaz originally from Santa Martha, Colombia, and from the producer and dj Victor Cardenas, the singer spoke exclusively with Who about what he wants to convey to his followers through his music.

Beyond techniques, to Lele It is important to convey a message of optimism to your fans with your new song.

“It is a theme that may seem sad or that it is for a person who is going through a difficult situation, however, as the song progresses you realize that it is a joyous and full of energy theme, it is like recognizing that you are not having a good time but you want to get ahead “he said Lele in an interview to talk about his new topic.

For the interpreter her song can break the barriers of the usual, since she assures that although she loves the reggaetonShe was drawn to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexperimenting with new rhythms.

“I find it admirable what the mexican They did, I think we deserve to live free and that also from the topic that she presented, women can find a message of liberation and representation, “said the interpreter.

The music video was recorded on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia, and reflects the vision of Lele, which includes dance sequences. Fly continues the line of cinematographic videos of Pons how Blocking Y Jealous (with Diamond recognition in Mexico, Triple Platinum in the United States and 150 million streams global).