“Let Me Get Over It”, Victoria Ruffo’s Response To Eugenio Derbez’s Proposal

Now it is the actress who reverses her speech and asks the comedian to get over it.

Last week Eugenio Derbez assured the media that he intends to apologize to his ex, Victoria Ruffo for all the damage that could have caused them when they were still a couple. “I am open, I have always been open, what happens is that there are many things that weigh from the past and it has been difficult,” said the comedian to the program. Selling.


“Then people get offended by things that you can’t even imagine, in one of those I have to apologize to you, I would gladly do it, but I don’t believe the truth, not that I remember, but still and with pleasure I I ask for them ”, he assured.

These statements reached the ears of Victoria Ruffo, who is also aware that Derbez and their son , Jose Eduardo They want to “tell the whole truth” about the bad relationship they have had all these years through a stand-up sketch.

Given this, Victory He expressed: “Why do you want to put on an eleven-rod shirt? that is really history … and that I surpass myself please “, he told media such as TV Azteca and Tell me what you know.

The protagonist of soap operas like Crown of tears she said annoyed by the statements of Eugenio Derbez, who implied that she did not allow him to live with Jose Eduardo when he was a child. “Imagine not seeing my son in I do not know how many years, that hurts me to the core, it is not worth it,” were his words.

The words of Victoria Ruffo they left no room for doubt: she is upset with the statements with her ex: “Well, if he wants to believe that, everyone there. José Eduardo knows his mother’s version and his father’s version, he will already know what he grasps and what he does not grasp ”.

About the possible apology I could give him Eugene, the actress expressed: “Well then I did not understand how the matter is, is she going to ask me for forgiveness or not?” … she said and then assured the press that she would not accept the apology.

Of course, in the event that his ex-partner gives his version of the quarrels that they have had for more than 24 years, the star will choose not to comment or go out to defend himself.

I think everyone has their own version, I highly respect what they say and how they say it… it is their puppy, they bathe and vaccinate and they do very well. I have my version and I have always tried to make my personal life somewhat private. ”