Leticia Calderón Celebrates Her Son Luciano’s 16th Birthday

The actress turned to her social networks to share her joy for her firstborn’s birthday.

Leticia Calderón is partying, because this February 17 his son Luciano turned 16 years old. The actress wanted to celebrate with her followers on social networks so she made several emotional posts on Twitter with which she pays tribute to her firstborn.


While in some he shared some photos, in others he accompanied the image with a message with which he expresses his joy of having a 16-year-old son.

“The actress wrote the first child she had with the lawyer Juan Collado : “16 wonderful years! I can’t describe how happy I feel. Thank you God, Thank you! ”

The response of his followers did not wait. Congratulations to Luciano received more than 750 likes, several retweets and comments from her fellow actresses, such as Chantal Andere, Karina Duprez.

The actress was so moved by so many samples of affection that she even made a publication with which she thanked the people who are pending Luciano, who was born with Down syndrome.

The actress has always boasted to her son and has never allowed her condition to be an impediment to her development. A while ago, Leticia recognized in the program The sun rises how difficult it was at first to learn about the condition of Luciano.

“Yes it was shocking, obviously, because I didn’t have a knowledge of anything. When they give me Luciano’s news, the first thing they tell me is: ‘It seems that we are having problems, the child seems to be not adapting, he brings three heart murmurs and he is fighting for his life.’

“Then they told me: ‘We have great suspicions that I have Down syndrome.’ Leticia Calderón.