Leticia Calderón Poses In a Bikini At 51, While Yadhira Carrillo Is Furious With Her

Leticia Calderón poses in a bikini at 51, while Yadhira Carrillo is furious with her | special

Leticia Calderón forgets the scandal and looks bikini at 51. And is that after calling the wife of the father of her children a liar and ensuring that Juan Collado and she were still seeing each other in the morning even though he was already married to Yadhira Carrillo, the actress decided to relax.

In her Instagram account Leticia Calderón published some photos of what seems to be a vacation next to her children, with whom she enjoys life without implying what they will say, because Juan Colllado remains in jail and she has not wanted to take her children to visit it.


In the published photo, Leticia Calderón looks beautiful, with a smile on her face denoting peace and happiness.

It must be said that while Leticia Calderón lives a relaxed life on the beach, Yadhira Carrillo was furious with the actress, after the statements of Juan Collado's former partner.

She is so angry that she decided not to comment on the accusations of Leticia Calderón even though she has accustomed journalists to give their position on any issue that involves her and Juan Collado.