Lety Calderón Reveals Havoc Of Collado’s Absence In The Lives Of Her Children

The actress assures that her children see other relatives as a male figure, despite the fact that they have a father.

Leticia Calderón revealed that despite the fact that their children are very clear on who their father is, the adolescents see other relatives as the male figure in their home due to the little coexistence that Juan Collado had with them.


During an interview for the program The sun rises, the actress was sincere and, when questioned about the father figure, she answered: “There is only one father figure, it is their father, and they have a father, but a male figure, in the first place is my father, my brothers. Alex, particularly, who is the closest to them, my assistant, who helps me in certain things ”.

In the same way, Calderón confessed that his children never celebrated Father’s Day with the lawyer and now he sees it less possible due to the legal situation facing his ex-partner.

“The children never celebrated with him, I used to buy him a gift from the children and we gave him when we could,” he said.

After disclosing Collado’s admission to the North Prison accused of various crimes, Lety said that he decided in common agreement with the lawyer not to take his children to visit him in prison.