Lev Parnas, The Man Who Complicates Donald Trump

The latest revelations that have been presented as part of the accusation against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, come from statements and documents of a former collaborator of his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

His name is Lev Parnas, he is Ukrainian and claims to have been in charge of talking with the Ukrainian government to pressure him to investigate the Biden. In addition, he says Trump was aware of absolutely everything.

His version, by the way, could be very valuable in the political trial under oath and potentially very dangerous for the White House.


Lev Parnas is a friend of Rudy Giuliani, Trump's current personal lawyer. Parnas was the one who gave the Democratic parliamentarians more material for the accusation, which includes text and voice messages.

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One of them was the April 23 message that attorney Victoria Toensing sent to Lev: “Hey Lev. VT here. We have a request to talk to the big one. I just wanted you to give me the latest, if you can. I know it's late. Sorry".

And they are not just the documents. Parnas also granted a series of media interviews this week, among which was his conversation on the Anderson Cooper show on CNN.

There Parnas said that Trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine began during the government of Petro Poroshenko, the predecessor to the current president Volodimir Zelenski.

From the White House, Kellyanne Conway, the presidential adviser, said that "nobody on television is under oath" and that Lev Parnas was "desperate to receive attention."

But the accusations not only point to the US president, but he also indicated to parliamentarian Devin Nunes as a connoisseur of the investigation against Joe Biden, where they were trying to find facts that would damage his campaign.

However, from the Republican Party dismissed those accusations.

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