Liberty Will Launch Platform To Have All Videos And Movies In One Place

Liberty Puerto Rico will launch a video platform that will integrate the content of all the providers that the client has available – be they Netflix, Youtube, HBO Go, Showtime or live channels – to simplify searches and predict preferences through the use of artificial intelligence.

"It will be very soon, probably before Christmas," said the chief executive officer of Liberty Puerto Rico, Naji Khoury, in an interview with the Business section of El Nuevo Día.

“It is a very good product. The way in which the interface is presented to the client is very simple. They can use the remote control as a voice activated device, ”Khoury added.


As an example, he said that if the user wants to watch videos with his favorite actor, he can ask for it out loud and the video platform in the cloud will identify where there is content that meets that search.

“If it is a program that will be in a few hours, then you can record it in the cloud. This is going to change a lot of things, ”Khoury predicted.

He said that this release is based on users want flexibility to enjoy content whenever and wherever they want, but also want to simplify the search process.

Therefore, it also includes the prediction component, with an artificial intelligence algorithm that will turn on user preferences to gradually offer more personalized results and learn customer tastes.

In addition, according to the executive, the telecommunications provider is called not only to grow in customers and infrastructure, but also in product innovation.

The plans to launch the video platform in the cloud were announced today by the parent Liberty Latin America (LLA) in its results report for the third quarter (Q3) that ended on September 30.

According to the report, Liberty Puerto Rico added 6,000 subscribers in that period, above the additions it reported in the second quarter. In terms of revenue, it obtained $ 104 million, 2% growth, with an operational cash flow margin of 49%. This percentage implies that for every dollar of revenue the company receives, 49 cents are converted into profits.