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Liga MX: Arturo Brizio Clarifies Controversy Over Penalty In América Vs Rayados

After the controversy that was generated due to Ramón Juárez’s penalty during the duel between the Rayados del Monterrey and the Águilas del América, Arturo Brizio, president of the Refereeing Commission, analyzed the play and gave his point of view.

During his weekly referee analysis, published through the FMF, Brizio pointed out that the marking of Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán, referee of the match, was incorrect, because the impact on the hand of the azuclcrema defender comes from a rebound in the chest.

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“In this action there is a hand from the América player and the referee penalizes a penalty. The ball first hits the defender’s chest and then his hand, so it should not be considered an offense. “

“The VAR should have suggested the review and the referee had to rectify the initial decision. It is an incorrect referee decision”

Brizio explained that it was the VAR’s responsibility to call Pérez Durán to review the play on the screens and rectify his decision, which ended up damaging America, as this penalty meant the winning goal for the Rayados.

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