Liga MX: Iván Santillán Is No More Veracruz Player After Terminating Contract | Facebook

Iván Santillán received last Friday the payment of several months past due by his club, Veracruz, after presenting his claim to the Mexican Football Federation, after this the Peruvian player did not return to submit to the training of the Mexican team and media They report that they would have abandoned the 'Red Sharks'.

A situation that is more complicated is the one that Veracruz lives today, since it has managed to obtain one of the worst streaks in history with 38 games without winning, which leads it to position itself in the last place of the MX League with only 4 points to 24 of the leader, Necaxa.

Ivan Santillán left Veracruz


The former Garcilaso player was one of the first to submit the claim to the governing body of Mexican football so that the club made his payment corresponding to several months of salary that had not been paid, once this happened Santillan decided to leave immediately Jaroch Harbor

With the claim presented by Ivan, this could terminate the contract between the two and leave, this according to FIFA's own regulations, which states that if there are more than two months of default of payment to the player, you can be considered as a reason to dissolve He agreed unilaterally.

Apparently this is what the 28-year-old would have done that he would not be willing to continue with the 'Tibu' who is already sentenced to lose the category. Fidel Curi is another player who used the same resource to leave the team led by Enrique López Zarza.

Ivan Santillán and his passage through the 'Tibu'

Until last week the end continued to fulfill the activities of the team, as he traveled to Tijuana to play for the sub 20 of the 'Tibu' against the Xolos, a match in which he scored the winning goal, as they were imposed by the minimum against the local.

Ivan Santillán arrived at the Mexican club in the middle of the year playing a total of six games in the MX League, scoring only somewhat, while in the Under 20 he did better because he scored four times.