Liga MX: Rayados Will Extend Contracts Until The End Of Clausura 2020

The sports director of the Rayados de Monterrey, Duilio Davino, assured that the contracts of the players who were about to expire this were postponed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (Covid-19), which caused the suspension of the Liga MX.

“The most appropriate thing is to postpone the contracts until the end of the tournament. We have suggestions, we have been in contact with the League, everyone has agreed in the best way,” he told TUDN.

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He also commented on the bad tournament where the Rayados have not been able to consolidate any victory in Clausura 2020.

Rayados has several players who end their contract this summer, but what will happen if Clausura 2020 is longer than planned?

Duilio Davino revealed the plans he has for Vangioni and company:

– THE GANG (@LaPandillaMX)
April 4, 2020

“We are in a difficult situation, we are self-critical, we are ashamed, it was an atypical tournament, we finished very late and we started very very soon. We understand that we are going to get out of this situation, hopefully the Cup can be played.”

He ended by talking about the resumption of Closing 2020: “We have no light until the authorities allow us to return, what we have said is that we would have two or three weeks of physical rehabilitation.”