Liga MX Suspends The Querétaro Board For Five Years As a Sanction For What Happened In Corregidora

After the incidents that occurred on March 5, Liga MX imposed a sanction on the Querétaro team.

Liga MX announced the suspension of the current Querétaro board for five years as one of the sanctions established for the pitched battle that took place at the Corregidora Stadium between the Gallos and Atlas bars, which left a balance of 26 people injured. .

The president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola, announced the sanction after the Extraordinary Assembly that was held remotely with the First Division teams.


The meeting was held early this Tuesday and at the facilities of the Mexican Football Federation, where Gabriel Solares, owner of Gallos Blancos de Querétaro, and Adolfo Ríos, Sports Director of the team, were present.

With the sanction, Adolfo Ríos will be prevented from taking any position in another directive within Mexican soccer.

Adolfo Ríos arrived in September 2021 at the head of his position in the institution and one of the last decisions he made was the hiring of coach Hernán Cristante.

The owner is Solaz sports, this allows Liga MX to preserve the team, through the following mechanisms: disable the current administration of the Querétaro club, made up of Gabriel Solares, Velarde, Taylor and Adolfo Ríos, for five years from any activity administration related to soccer. The owner of the affiliation rights takes over the administration of the team, on the condition that it be put up for sale no later than 2022. If it cannot be sold, it will be Liga MX.

Liga MX announced this Tuesday the sanction of the Querétaro board for what happened at the Corregidora Stadium. ESPN

“That is why we will preserve the permanence of the club. To disqualify the current administration made up of Gabriel Solares, Adolfo Ríos, Manuel Velarde and Greg Taylor from any direction or administration with any club with the aim of not repeating it,” declared the president of Liga MX, Mikel Arriola.

In addition to sanctioning the board, Querétaro will have to play all its home games behind closed doors for a year, a punishment that also involves the women’s team and inferiors. The Roosters must pay a fine of one million 300 thousand buts and their bar will be out for three years at home and one year as a visitor.

For its part, the Atlas animation team will not be able to be present for the next six months. In addition, Querétaro will lose the match against the red and blacks on day 9 by a score of 0-3.

Last Saturday, March 5, Mexican soccer experienced one of its worst nights after fans from Querétaro and Atlas had a battle inside the Corregidora Stadium, a situation that led to the suspension of the match. So far, they have ten detainees for the crime of attempted murder, same as this Tuesday they will appear at a hearing before the judge.

Querétaro authorities assured that those involved will be punished with the full rigor of the law and will look for another 16 individuals, who could be arrested in the next few hours.



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