Linda Hamilton Will Never Be Sarah Connor In The Saga Of 'Terminator'

Linda Hamilton, the great protagonist of the first two installments of the Terminator saga, and recently of the sixth, Terminator: Dark Destiny, has no interest in reinterpreting the character of Sarah Connor. Terminator: Dark Destination was the last chance to See Linda Hamilton in the role of Sarah Connor. (Image: © Skydance Productions / © Paramount Pictures) MoreRemember that by breaking her self-imposed retirement, the 63-year-old actress agreed to shoot Dark Fate when 28 years had passed after leaving John Connor's heroine and mother behind in Terminator: the final judgment (1991) – a project directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and endorsed by James Cameron himself. The tape, which had criticism of all kinds (although none to shoot rockets), was a box office failure with just 237 million euros (261 million dollars) collected worldwide, and marked the end of the new trilogy that Miller had planned – at least, until Paramount Pictures resuscitate the most famous killer android in the cinema. The truth is that this lack of movement in the franchise could be a relief for Hamilton, at least in view of his recent statements to The Hollywood Reporter And it is not that the veteran actress renounces this concrete saga, but rather she seems to have lost all interest in big-budget cinema, preferring in any case to return to the “low profile” she maintained for many years before Dark Destination: “ Something tells me … I don't know. Maybe I would like a smaller version in which there were not so many millions at stake, ”he explains. "Today's audience is very unpredictable." "You can't imagine how many ordinary people say," Nobody goes to the movies anymore. " That is not an analysis of Hollywood itself, but it comes from the mouth of almost everyone. It clearly shouldn't be a business with such a high financial risk, ”he said. “In any case, I will be more than happy to never return. So I have no hope in that regard, because I really would love to have finished. ”Yet, Hamilton does not close the door to the franchise at all, and adds:“ If there was something new that really told me something… I am a person logical and I always consider viable changes. ”Is Linda thinking about a small-scale Joker project? A more introspective story centered on the psychological torment Sarah Connor? We cannot know, but in view of the emptiness of future projects that we find in the Hamilton IMDb file, we almost certainly will not see it on the screen at least for a long season … More stories that may interest you: