Link Between Rodolfo Hernández And Donald Trump

In recent days, information about a possible link between the campaign of former President Donald Trump and the current campaign of the candidate for the House of Nariño, Rodolfo Hernández, was disclosed in the international media.

In these statements, it was stated that Víctor López, a political strategist who, until a few months ago, was part of the campaign of the former mayor of Bucaramanga, would have participated in the Trump campaign, and had the mission of approaching Hispanics in the United States race. of the year 2016.

The controversy began days ago when López, who also assures that he was part of Nayib Bukele’s campaign in El Salvador, publicly congratulated Hernández and claimed his participation in the success of the candidate’s first round. López’s version is that he landed in Hernández’s campaign on October 30 of last year to develop a communication strategy for the candidate of the League of Governors Anti-Corruption movement.


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However, since the businessman’s campaign there was an initial rejection, where said support was flatly denied and it was stated that the contact with the Spaniard had only happened in the midst of a proposal presented by López and that was rejected by Hernández’s team. Later, two days after said statement, in another official announcement the campaign accepted the role of advisor, indicating that he maintained “intermittent remote” contact with the engineer “making voluntary contributions and suggestions” until January 25.

Trump campaign response

For his part, Giancarlo Sopo, who directed Trump’s national Hispanic advertising during the 2020 electoral process, stated in a conversation with the newspaper El Tiempo that since his campaign no one has known about López.

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“Perhaps it is all a misunderstanding, but none of the members of President Trump’s Latino team know who Mr. López is, and we would surely remember him because we communicated constantly. As the saying goes, victories have a hundred fathers, and unfortunately, it is It’s common for consultants to exaggerate their roles in campaigns, and some even make them up out of thin air.

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“Even those of us who really work on that strategy would never do that. That type of self-promotion seems crude, unprofessional and overshadows the candidates. In addition, the reality is that it was the president himself who marked the way,” said the member of the Trump campaign to the Colombian media.



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