Lions Incommunicado Leave After a Travel Alert Issued By The US

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Lebarón family goes to the US They do not see security conditions They leave in caravan more than 100 people

Communed lions go to the US. Members of the LeBarón family leave their lands after the massacre of several of their members and return to the United States. The inhabitants of the Mormon community had communication problems last Saturday.

Recently a caravan of more than 10 vehicles – with more than 100 people – set out for the state of Arizona, from the community of La Mora, has decided to leave so as not to return, given the lack of security conditions to protect them.

But also, one of the reasons that ended up ending the value of the family, was that the communication in the area was cut off and this increased fear.

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According to the newspaper El Universal, an activist from the Mormon community, Julián LeBarón, accused the Internet and cell phone service in the region of Bavispe, Sonora through social networks

The activist reported on Twitter that his mobile devices did not work on Saturday night.

“Apparently they cut our cell phones and the internet in LeBarón. Our families are afraid, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Asked about REFORMA, he said that a similar situation occurred when the massacre was recorded against his family in La Mora, municipality of Bavispe, Sonora, where nine members of the LeBarón and Langford families died.

"That happened exactly in Sonora when there was that shooting," said the activist.

"And the truth is that the communication of cell phone, internet and cell phone in the whole region was gone, that had never happened before."

At the time of the interview via telephone, LeBarón was in another state of the Mexican Republic, from where he tried to communicate with his relatives and the call did not enter.

"We don't say there isn't a fault out there or something, but it's very strange because it never happened, never."

The activist reported that in this situation contact was made with staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The Secretary of (Marcelo) Ebrard and also the Federal Police were informed, 100 percent are in order."
On the fault, he explained that the Colonia LeBarón can dial, but they do not receive calls from other places.

"We can't call LeBarón's phones," he said.

“From there, they can mark us, but we cannot mark, from nowhere, nobody's signals, nor the Federal Police, are the same, they have the same problem.”

Because of this situation, he said his relatives were afraid.

In response, the Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía, informed that a reinforcement was instructed in the area.

"On the instructions of @AlfonsoDurazo I contacted @JulianLeBaron about his complaint that the cell phone and Internet are suspended in the LeBarón community," he said on Twitter.

Today, many members of the community live in the United States, but continue to visit their relatives in Mexico despite the increase in violence and unease.

Some now fear reprisals of cartels due to arrests made by authorities after the massacre.

Joe Darger of Salt Lake City said his daughter, who lives in Utah but maintains a second residence in La Mora, will not return to a place that had been part of her family's life, at least for now.

"Until there are answers, he will not bring his children," said Darger, who traveled to the village to attend the funerals.