LIVE: Marathón Cannot With Life And Points Are Being Distributed! – Ten

Welcome to the minute-by-minute Marathon-Life at Yankel Rosenthal!

Minute 91: New yellow card and now it's for Ricardo Canales.

Minute 92: Armando Castro takes Kervin Arriaga yellow.


Minute 90: 8 minutes are added to the game.

Minute 88: The last canbio in the Life is realized, enters Marvin Bernárdez by Argueta.

Minute 84: Ufffff almost Marathon … Ariano headed after a corner kick and Ricardo Canales saves.

Minute 79: Ricardo Canales goes to the ground by a supposed blow.

Minute 73: New yellow card in Life and is for Horacio Argueta.

Minute 72: Free kick by Marcelo Canales, left-hander charges and stops Pipo López.

Minute 66: Change in Life, Foslyn Grant leaves and Marcelo Canales enters.

Minute 63: Marathón advances lines in search of the goal of triumph, Vida recoils.

Minute 57: Change in Marathón, Mario Martínez for Carlos Discua. Also Carlos Róchez enters by Frelys López.

Minute 56: Carlos Discua charges the free kick to the goal and Channels sends to the corner.

Minute 55: New lack of Life of Quayé and receives yellow card.

Minute 53: Yellow card for Luis Meléndez del Vida.

Minute 49: Marathón responds and now it is Solani who hits the ball on the post after shooting inside the area.

Minute 47: They annul a goal to Life after an advanced position of Villafranca.

3:59 pm: The second part begins, sampedranos and ceibeños already play.

Rest: A change is reported in the Marathon, Yerson Gutierrez by Roger Iscoa.

Minute 47: No more, we go to rest with a 0-0 draw.

Minute 45: Two more minutes are added to the meeting.

Minute 41: Change in Life is reported, Esdras Padrilla leaves and Horacio Argueta enters.

Minute 34: Uffffff almost green! Carlos Discua takes a left-footed shot and Canales saves, for his fortune Arboleda did not win the rebound.

Minute 32: The locals continue to dominate the ball, Carlos Discua and Solani are the most participatory.

Minute 28: Yellow Cardboard in Life and is for striker Ángel Rodríguez.

Minute 24: The referee takes the yellow card from Panamanian Azmahar Ariano.

Minute 22: Carlos Discua shoots out of the box, but goes just wide.

Minute 16: Nobody is harmed, Vida waits against it and Marathón proposes.

Minute 10: Life begins to take more confidence in the duel and has more the ball.

Minute 6: Marathon dominates in these first minutes of the encounter, Life is folded.

Minute 2: The first danger is green, Edwin Solani sends the center on the left, Discua heads but above the goal

2:58 pm: START! Marathón and Vida already play at Yankel Rosenthal in San Pedro Sula.

2:30 pm: Marathón 11: Roberto López, Bryan Barrios, Esteban Espíndola, Azmahar Ariano, Walter Ramírez, Kervin Arriaga, Roger Iscoa, Carlos Discua, Frelys López, Edwin Solani and Yustin Arboleda.

2:25 pm: Life 11: Ricardo Canales, Jairo Puerto, Mathias Techera, Carlos Meléndez, Foslyn Grant, Ezra Padilla, Joshua Villafranca, Angel Rodriguez, Luis Meléndez, Denis Meléndez and Wisdom Quaye.


Today's duel between Ceibeños and Sampedranos will be number 196 in history with a favorable balance for Marathon. The purslane have won 84 duels, 51 coconut tree wins and 60 draws.

Marathón scored 300 goals and Vida scored 219, plus Vida league 11 games without defeating Marathon in Yankel Rosenthal and six without beating the green in San Pedro Sula.

After this day, Marathón will only have to visit Olimpia and receive Honduras. Vida for his part in the next day will do the honors to Platense and Olympia.