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LIVE: Matías Galvaliz Extends Motagua’s Advantage Over Real Sociedad At The Nacional! – Ten

Minute 74: Triple change in Motagua, Diego Rodríguez, Ariel Flores and Marco Tulio Vega entered; Gonzalo Klusener, Omar Elvir, Carlos Fernández left.

73rd minute: Incredible! Motagua was about to score the third of the game but inefficiency prevented the extension of the scoreboard.

69th minute: Bombshell! Christian Altamirano unleashed a right-leg missile and Jonathan Rougier deflected to the corner kick.

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Minute 62: Change in Motagua, Óscar García entered and Walter Martínez left.

Minute 61: Almost! Walter Martínez got into the Real Sociedad area and finished off with his left foot for the rejection of goalkeeper Juan Pablo Domínguez.

Minute 54: GOOOOOL OF MOTAGUA! Matías Galvaliz extends the advantage after a combination inside the area. Omar Elvir sent a cross that was headed by Roberto Moreira towards Gonzalo Klusener, who extended the ball for Galvaliz to push it to the back of the goal.

Minute 50: Yellow card for Maynor Antúnez from Real Sociedad.

Minute 49: Almost! Real Sociedad approached again with a shot from Rony Martínez that remained in the hands of Jonathan Rougier. Before, Motagua had carried danger.

Minute 48: Deflected! Real Sociedad tried with a free kick from the left by Christian Altamirano but his shot went wide.

The complement has started!

Motagua has brought a lot of danger to the goal of Real Sociedad. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Half time: Double change in Real Sociedad, entered Christian Altamirano and Clinton Arzú; Michael Reyes and Brayan Rivera left.

End of the first half!

Minute 45: An additional minute adds the referee to the first half.

Minute 44: Yellow card for Walter Martínez de Motagua.

Minute 42: Rony Martínez badly executed a free kick by crashing it into the barrier.

Minute 36: Deflected shot from Walter Martínez de Motagua.

Minute 35: Real Sociedad settled better on the field and no longer allows Motagua to be stalked, although the Eagles are clear dominators of the game.

Minute 28: Great play by ‘Muma’ Fernández when he removed a mark and reached the bottom line through the right sector, but his center remained in the hands of the oil keeper.

Minute 25: Come on! Real Sociedad approached with great danger and the play ended with a volley shot from Rony Martínez but the action was canceled for offside.

Minute 18: Motagua is being much better in the game and is constantly looking for the second goal.

Minute 12: GOOOOL OF MOTAGUA! Carlos ‘Muma’ Fernández puts the Águilas to win with a strong left-footed shot but with the complicity of the Real Sociedad goalkeeper, who could not reject the ball and it went under his hands.

Minute 9: He had it! Walter Martínez made a great individual play, he got into the Real Sociedad area but could not assist in the last pass to find a partner.

Roberto Moreira had to score on the scoreboard but could not define before the goalkeeper left. Photo: Emilio Flores.

Minute 4: UFF! Again Motagua almost scored the first of the game through Roberto Moreira, the attacker was enabled and before the rival goalkeeper left, he finished off from the left but bounced off the goal and went to the corner kick.

Minute 1: Near Motagua of the first goal after a break from ‘Muma’ Fernández on the right, he sent a cross that could not be finished off at the arrival of Juan Pablo Montes.


4:15 PM: Motagua presents a change in the lineup that defeated Marathón, with the inclusion of the youth Fabricio Galindo replacing Marcelo Pereira.

4:00 PM: The teams arrived early at the National Stadium in compliance with the biosecurity protocols.


Motagua: 19. Jonathan Rougier; 12. Marcelo Santos, 2. Juan Pablo Montes, 33. Fabricio Galindo; 29. Carlos Fernández, 24. Omar Elvir, 23. Juan Delgado, 8. Walter Martínez, 10. Matías Galvaliz; 9. Gonzalo Klusener, 21. Roberto Moreira. DT: Diego Vázquez.

Substitutes: 25. Marlon Licona, 3. Elmer Güity, 7. Iván López, 11. Marco Tulio Vega, 16. Héctor Castellanos, 18. Diego Rodríguez, 22. Jesse Moncada, 26. Josué Villafranca, 27. Óscar García, 34. Kevin López, 45. Ariel Flores, 47. O. Gonzales.DT: Diego Vázquez.

Royal Society: 27. Juan Pablo Domínguez; 35. Yeer Gutiérrez, 21. Maynor Antúnez, 16. Breyner Bonilla, 4. Ricky Zapata; 19. Danilo Tobías, 20. Jorge Claros, 13. José Canelas, 28. Brayan Rivera; 9. Michael Reyes, 11. Rony Martínez. DT: Carlos Tábora.

Substitutes: 2. Deyron Martínez, 3. Robbie Matute, 6. Kenneth Hernández, 7. Kendrick Carcamo, 12. Clinton Arzú, 14. Christian Altamirano, 17. Osman Melgares, 23. Jonathan Corzo, 26. Christian Martínez, 29. Wilson Urbina, 33. Danni Mejía, 34. Norman Gaboriell.

National Stadium.

Referee: Melvin Matamoros.


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