Atlético Nacional had a 2019 for forgetting and wants to relive its good times in 2020. The Green will have a busy season with participation in the Liga, Copa Colombia and Copa Sudamericana. But to be able to form a competitive template, the paisa table also focuses on a determining point for everything that comes: the ruling of the TAS on the Fernando Uribe case, to know whether or not to pay, the fine of 5 million dollars more interest to Cortuluá.In the hypothetical case that National must disburse the almost 10 million dollars of the fine, 2020 will be a complicated year from the financial point of view because it will represent a very hard blow to the coffers. not having planned more departures from the squad, two players have expressed their intention not to continue with Verdolaga for or less for the first half of the year. They are Juan Pablo ‘Indio’ Ramírez and Neyder Moreno, two flyers that are not seen with a place within the team of Juan Carlos Osorio and that expressed his desire to the club to look for new airs. Osorio himself was in charge of informing the situation of both in the press conference after the defeat against Jaguares: “Neyder Moreno made a decision to go to another club. I respect his decision, that of Juan Pablo (Ramírez) as well, but I don’t share them. “However, Goal was able to confirm over the weekend that neither player has formal offers on the table, so his future is uncertain. “There is no information about it. As long as we have something, we will inform you,” said President Juan David Pérez on Monday, after the players were not part of the training next to the squad that prepares the game against Hurricane. The president of Rionegro generated uncertainty in the middle of the week by saying that the club had offers from Brazil’s football, however, the player’s pass belongs to 60% to Atlético Nacional and 40% to the Eagles, so, in case of a negotiation, the first word would be the Verdolaga. It is worth clarifying that at the offices of Atlético Nacional there has been no offer for the versatile player and that the plans for him include staying, at least, until the month of December, although it is known that the mid-year market can bring surprises. OFFERS ARE EXPECTED BY REYESAndrés Reyes Atlético Nacional 2019MoreJuan Carlos Osorio spoke on the morning of this Friday in Guarne, prior to the game or to Jaguares, delivering a statement that has generated concern among the fans Verdolaga. The coach said that “By decision of the board of directors, Andrés (Reyes) will not continue with Atlético Nacional” leaving an imminent exit between the lines. Despite his words, Goal knew from the board that this decision has not been taken and that Reyes is still in the plans of the team.The situation goes through a market issue, because after his good performances with the Colombia U23 National Team, and taking into account the large number of scouts who attend the Pre-Olympic, it is not ruled out that an offer arrives for the player, which would be studied if necessary. The defender would be in the orbit of teams from Brazil, Portugal and France, but also it was established that there is nothing concrete at the moment and Nacional continues to count on Reyes for the season. WAIT IS ALREADY GREEN The unexpected departure of Daniel Bocanegra forced Verdolaga to go to the market to find a new plant. After an analysis of the possibilities, the club was inclined to sign Geisson Perea, defender of Deportivo Pasto, a team he said goodbye last week. After several speculations about his physical condition, the player successfully passed the medical exams and was finally able to stamp his signature. Nacional confirmed his signing through social networks. Perea came to Verdolaga as a loan for one year, with the possibility of extending it for two more years, and a 50% purchase option as confirmed by the Gerente Manager Francisco Nájera in his official presentation. MONETTI GOES TO SAN LORENZO Fernando Monetti Atlético Nacional 2018MásAtlético Nacional formalized the termination of the contract with Argentine goalkeeper Fernando Monetti, who had ties with the club until December of this year.This way the goalkeeper was free to reach San Lorenzo, where he is expected on Thursday to perform medical exams and sign his contract.Monetti arrived in 201 at the request of Jorge Almirón and after a year of highs and lows, he left six months to the club ‘Cuervo’. In the second semester of 2019 he was inactive when he did not find a club or place within the team of Juan Carlos Osorio. THERE IS ANOTHER REFERENCE Daniel Bocanegra Atlético Nacional – Deportivo Cali 2019-IMás The new Libertad technical director said in Futgol 970 of Paraguay that to reinforce the right side of the team his main option is Daniel Bocanegra. The Tolimense had a contract with Nacional until June of this year, but after Henríquez’s farewell it was known that the player will leave the Paraguayan team. This Saturday the Green made it official. “The player and his representative told the Verdolaga institution about the important offer received by Club Libertad of Paraguay and their desire to play, for the first time, in foreign football, an unprecedented opportunity for their future and that of his family … reached an agreement to terminate his current contractual relationship with the Verdolaga institution, “the Paisa club said in a statement. In Libertad he will meet former National Athletic Alexánder Mejía. Guaraní football will be the first international experience for Bocanegra, who leaves Verdolaga after playing nearly 250 games and winning everything locally (4 Leagues, 3 Copa Colombia and 1 super league), in addition to the Copa Libertadores 2016 and the Recopa Sudamericana 2017 ENVIGADO WAS TAKEN TO JEAN LUCAS Juvenile striker Jean Lucas Rivera was confirmed as a new player of the orange team. He arrived on a one-year loan with a purchase option. NATIONAL PRESENTED ITS REINFORCEMENTS FOR 2020 National Reinforcements 2020MoreThe Purslane did not want to give it any longer and just beginning the year presented its reinforcements for the next season at the Sports Headquarters of Guarne. Jefferson Duque is the main novelty of the paisa team, the striker returns to what was his home between 2012 and 2015, when he won everything locally.In addition to La Fiera, Nacional also introduced Diego Braghieri (central defender), Deinner Quiñones (steering wheel), Andrés Andrade (attacker), Estéfano Arango (attacker) and Fabián González Lasso (attacker). With these seven National players, the pass market is closed to face the first semester, unless in the next few days he suffers injuries or unexpected games. CONFIRMED THE FIFTH REINFORCEMENT Estefano Arango Petroleum Alliance 2019MoreEstéfano Arango was formalized as a new player of Atlético Nacional thus closing the contract book for the first half of the new year, adding to Duque, González Lasso, Andrade and Quiñones. “The attacker Estéfano Arango dresses Green, from the Petroleum Alliance, Arango arrives at Atlético Nacional to be part of the squad that will be played by the Conmebol Sudamericana and the Colombian League in 2020, “the club said in its official statement, also indicating that it arrived on a loan with the option of Purchase for one year.Arango has had a long career and has failed to consolidate in the clubs it has been through (Cali, Uniautónoma, Patriotas, Emelec and Rionegro), although in 2019 it had a good year wearing the colors of Petroleum Alliance, a team with which he played throughout the year a total of 34 games, scoring five goals. OSORIO WILL HAVE DIEGO BRAGHIERIDiego Braghieri XolosMásThe Argentine central defender will continue in the team by 2020 after the confirmation made by the club on Friday. The decision was made after evaluating the market options and will represent a big economic effort for the club for its high salary, but the football and leadership conditions that it can exercise, finally convinced to ensure its return after a year on loan in Xolos de Tijuana. Last December, and when in doubt if I would have him or not, Juan Carlos Osorio was surprised to say in Caracol: “Braghieri is important because he is from the club and we would contribute to the club, he could contribute us a lot” . In this way, only the hiring of the Estéfano Arango end remains so that the objectives set by the Technical Commission are met and begin to focus all efforts on achieving a good season with the League, Cup and South American. DOES DORLAN PABÓN RETURN TO THE NATIONAL ATHLETE? Monterrey vs. Santos Opening 2019 Dorlan PabónMoreIn recent weeks the version of a possible return of Dorlan Mauricio Pabón to the Antioquia group and the steps that would be being advanced in this regard has become repetitive. The rumor that has circulated in social networks suggests that ‘Memín’ would be the signing of the National bomb for 2020. In what Goal has known from different sources, both official and close to the player, that option today is not viable. The main obstacles are the current contract that Pabón has with Monterrey until 2022, the good moment that goes through with the equipment and the economic investment that would imply having it available for the Osorio team. The salary of the player escapes the reach of Colombian football in general, beyond that the club every six months is interested in trying the returns of their referents case Pabón, Mejía, Cardona, among others.In short, everything goes through versions of little background or who are unaware of the economic reality of Verdolaga, also because of the desire of the fans to have Dorlan back, a situation that at the moment is not easy to fulfill. After confirming to Fabián González Lasso, Jefferson Duque, Andrés Felipe Andrade and Deiner Quiñones, the leadership focuses on closing the loan of Estéfano Arango as well as that of the central defender on the left that would end the signing period. to look for new directions is the youth archer Kevin Mier. Without minutes in Santa Fe and with a loan valid until June 2020, Nacional seeks to relocate it to another club where it can have more competition.CONFIRMADO GONZÁLEZ LASSOFabián González Lasso Atlético NacionalMásTal and as stated by Juan Carlos Osorio, the former Millionaire striker signed a contract for a year with the Green to join the 2020 project. He arrived on loan after being free at the club ‘Ambassador’. “Fabian, a native of Puerto Tejada, Cauca, debuted with Deportivo Pasto in 2013, went through La Equidad and then he played in Peruvian soccer, between 2016 and 2018, with Sport Áncach, Ayacucho and Academia Cantalao. In the last season he played in Millonarios. ” The club said in its statement counting the arrival of the player. ‘LA FIERA’ RETURNS TO THE GREEN! Jefferson Duque Atlético NacionalMásOne of the options that had been considered to reinforce the lead, was that of Jefferson Duque. The scorer of the team in the first Osorio era, will have a new opportunity to fall in love with the fans, as confirmed by the coach: “Jefferson Duque, Fabián González Lasso and Gustavo Torres are new players of Atlético Nacional,” Osorio said in dialogue with the Vbar de Caracol. After the officialization of Andrade, Nacional also proceeded to confirm the return of ‘La Fiera’ to try to rewrite the success story. Duque arrived on a loan from Santa Fe for 1 year. ANDRADE JOINS THE GREEN Andres Felipe Andrade Atlético NacionalMásEl Verdolaga has once again set his sights on Mexican football in search of players who can reinforce the squad for next year. The club already had plans to strengthen the area of ​​attack, starting from midfield and before the departure of Pablo Ceppelini to the Blue Cross, the efforts had been focused even more. The Mexican market itself gave Osorio the offensive flyer he was needing . This is Andrés Felipe Andrade, former Atlas of Guadalajara. The ‘Riflecito’, who has been in the Aztec country for six years, has had two stages at Club América and has dressed the Jaguars of Chiapas and León t-shirts.Goal had confirmed with the purslane leadership that Andrade was indeed of interest – which dated for two years – and the efforts to sign it. This Monday the hiring of the 30-year-old player has become official. The player was free and will be on loan for two years.The caleño that can also play on the left or right, would fit in the multifunctionality that Osorio likes, a technician who, in his first step through National, wanted to have it on several occasions. And ONE PLAY MASTERADi Quiñones Atlético Nacional signs 2020MásDéinner Quiñones, the end of Independiente Medellín, will be a new player of Atlético Nacional, this was another of Osorio’s great revelations in his dialogue with the Vbar: “Deinner Quiñones is a great work of our presidency, it was a great maneuver. “This Saturday, December 21, the Green confirmed the arrival of the player through a statement. “Atlético Nacional made a purchase offer for the player, after the Deportivo Independiente Medellín gave up making use of the first option he had, leaving the way clear for Nacional to reach an agreement with Deportes Quindío, team that owns their rights sports. “It should be noted that the player signed for three seasons and that National won 80% of his sports rights. CEPPELINI ALREADY SIGNED IN MEXICO ANOTHER VAPatricio Cucchi Atlético Nacional goal 2019MoreArgentine striker Patricio Cucchi is close to reaching the capital. According to Goal, Santa Fe is the first option for the ‘Duck’ before the decision of Juan Carlos Osorio for not having him. In addition to the ‘Cardinals’, Tolima and several clubs, both Colombian and foreign, are interested in having their services. Negotiations with Santa Fe are more than advanced and in the next few hours the Cucchi loan would become official. It is only necessary to finalize some details, among which the transfer period stands out. It should be noted that according to the Verdolaga directive, its passage to the ‘Leon’ has nothing to do with the possibility of Maicol Balanta. “There is no possibility of exchange,” said Juan David Pérez, since the Argentine has two and a half years more contract with the Greens, while Balanta only six months with the Reds. The exit of Cucchi adds to that of Pablo Ceppelini , who would have everything ready to sign with Cruz Azul. BRAGHIERI INTERESTED TO THE PROFEDiego Braghieri XolosMásThe club received the official notification from Tijuana in which they will not make use of the purchase option by the Argentine. That being the case, Braghieri will have to present himself to the preseason that starts on January 3. In this regard, Osorio was surprised to say: “Braghieri is important because he is from the club and we would contribute to the club, he could contribute a lot to us” CAÑAS, IN TESTING Roger Cañas – AstanaMásRoger Cañas, an ex-DIM midfielder and with a wide tour of Europe in Latvia, Russia , Poland, Kazakhstan, Chipe and Belarus, is in a trial period with the Verdolagas. Diego Moreno, ex-Huila, was also cited but did not appear. The technical staff will analyze the performance of the Antioquia to evaluate their hiring or not.BALANTA, IN THE RADARSanta Fe vs America de Cali 2019MoreIn the last hours there has been talk of a possible negotiation with Independiente Santa Fe for the recovery flyer Maicol Balanta, who would have been offered to the club, waiting for a response from Juan Carlos Osorio. The DT Risaraldense said little, but clarified a lot: “Maicol Balanta is a great possibility for the club.” Several names have already been related to Nacional despite the fact that they remain several weeks to open registrations. Forwards Mender García, of Once Caldas and Ricardo Márquez of Unión Magdalena, would be in the folder according to information from Manizales and Santa Marta. The version of the club indicates that, although they are players of interest, only some inquiries of conditions have been made and no formal offers have been submitted. Andrey Estupiñán (midfielder of the Pasto) and Kelvin Osorio (flyer of Patriots) are other names that are rumored.In addition, they are not the only players in the follow-up, as the Hiring Management advances works with a large number of players selected in all positions, both in Colombia and in several countries. It is also known that Juan Carlos Osorio and his coaching staff have made some initial inquiries in players who consider they could reach the team.Unlike the signing period of half of this year, Nacional will not be able to anticipate the market as it happened with Neyder Moreno, Alberto Costa, Jarlan Barrera and Patricio Cucchi, as explained above on the stage that the club would have with the TAS ruling. In that sense, the leadership chooses to be prudent and wait to avoid risking economic support. WAIT, CONFIRMED TO ORLANDO CITY The youth Andres Perea, also a member of several youth teams Colombia, was confirmed as a new player of the Orlando City of MLS. Flyer, born in the United States and son of former player Nixon Perea, will arrive at the Florida club on loan for a year with a purchase option. In the first half of 2019, Perea was considered by Paulo Autuori, but then lost prominence with Juan Carlos Osorio in the second half. POSITIONS TO BE REINFORCED Hernán Barco Atlético Nacional Liga Águila 2019MoreThe Technical Commission receives the month of December with transcendental meetings where, in addition to Define the situations of the players of the squad, the issue of reinforcements for next year will also be discussed. Initially, the plan focused on a striker 9 to replace Hernán Barco and a dribbler to reinforce the extremes, however, now the central defense position on the left becomes relevant. The departure of Alexis Henríquez and the injury suffered with the Colombian National Team Juan David Cabal, leave the position if a “natural” player Osorio can help. Cabal presented “fibula fracture with some ankle ligaments compromised” and according to doctor Nelson Rodríguez, he will be out for 4 months. “Mainly it is thinking of strengthening the attack line, a front center. Also the extremes and we will have to review the position of the left center, “President Juan David Pérez said Thursday at the launch of the agreement with Valledupar. In addition, the manager clarified that he has not yet received confirmation from Xolos about the non-purchase of Diego Braghieri, in case he did not The purchase option becomes effective, the defender must appear for the preseason, although he will be sought out due to his high salary. In the same line is the situation of Nicolás Hernández, on loan in Santa Fe until June 2020, whose possible return is subject to economic compensation from the Green to the Cardinal. Given this, Nacional will go to the market to look for options. It should also be noted that the manager clarified that there is no “pure Creole” policy in Nacional, so the rumor that all foreign players will leave the squad is completely false. Nor are they looking for reinforcements in the position of goalkeeper, as currently it has Square, the option to purchase by Quintana would be effective and has several important youths such as Sebastián Guerra. THREE WHO ARE NOT GOING MORE Marlon Torres América de CaliMásMarlon Torres, Edisson Restrepo and Harlin Suárez ended their ties with the club, as Goal could confirm with the Verdolaga leadership. In the case of Torres, América de Cali announced its renovation until 2022, although Nacional retained a percentage for future sale. In the cases of Restrepo and Suárez, they remained as free players. Juan David Ramírez, Andrés Sarmiento, Albin Domínguez, Ronaldo Lucena and Gustavo Torres finish their loans in other clubs and must present themselves to the preseason, unless their situations are resolved before. It will be up to the Technical Commission to decide whether or not to count on them. The juveniles Andrés Córdoba, Duván Uribe and Jesús de la Hoz returned from Real San Andrés. Of those who have a current loan, Kevin Mier and Nicolás Hernández, the agreement with Santa Fe goes until June next year. Both could be repescados by the Verdolagas, arrangement with the Cardinal by means of .CEPPELINI YES, BOATS NO Pablo Ceppelini Hernán Boats Atlético Nacional 2019MoreThe club has already begun to make determinations regarding the current equipment, solving the situations on two loans that ended on December 31: Pablo Ceppelini and Hernán Barco. Ceppelini will use the purchase option at a figure of around 650,000 dollars. Only the positive response of the Danube of Uruguay is missing, to ensure 100% of his pass and sign a three-year contract with Nacional.For his part, ‘The Pirate’ said goodbye to the pursuit of the pursuit through his social networks, after notify you that the contract will not be renewed: “Today I come to say goodbye to our nation purslane. Thank you to each of those who are part of @ nationaloficial since they gave me everything, from the first day to the last. First level club and the biggest in Colombia. Gratitude to wear this shirt. I am calm and happy to be part of this institution and sad to not have won titles this year. We deserved more but that’s the way football is. Thanks to each of our fans for their respect, admiration and criticism. That in 2020 all the goals set are fulfilled and the best always pra this beloved club! Thank you very much verdolagas! Until forever. “HENRÍQUEZ NO MÁSAlexis Henríquez Atlético Naci onalMásDel current site, the only one that ends contract in December is Captain Alexis Henríquez. The situation of the samarium is still to be resolved and since last year there have been constant speculations about its future. It has been known that Atlético Nacional has delivered the letter of non-renewal of the contract, so the iconic defense will not continue to serve the institution.Changing the air, arriving at Junior or Once Caldas, retiring and taking a sabbatical year and even ending his career to devote himself to technical direction on his own or as an assistant to Juan Carlos Osorio, have been several of the possibilities that have been managed around Henríquez. Another one that ends the contract, but is abroad, is Cristian Dájome. The Bogota end, currently in good standing in Independiente del Valle, ends his link at the end of the year and is not in the plans to renew him so he would be free.