Live: Olimpia Starts To Win Over Marathón With A Goal From José Mario Pinto

LIVE: Olimpia Starts To Win Over Marathón With a Goal From José Mario Pinto

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Olimpia, immersed in its dreams of extending its path in the Concacaf Champions League, receives the Marathon today at the close of the first round of the Clausura 2020 Tournament, at the National Stadium.

The meringues, which had a bad start, reach the national classic with two strong victories against Honduras Progress and Life.



But the greens respond in this line with five consecutive wins, in addition, the team of Héctor Vargas is the only one who has not lost and has the possibility of being a leader.


Three minutes and first arrival of Olympia. Cristian Maidana enabled Jorge Benguché and in time Denovan Torres left to take the ball from the then forward albo.

The Lion approached again with great danger in the fifth minute with a cross shot of Maylor Nunez who barely left the goalkeeper pursuit.

In 12, first corner of the game and went to Marathón, José Mario Pinto blocked a shot by Marlon Ramírez inside the area.

In the next kickback action of Olympia, Benguché opened for Pinto, who returned the ball, the forward let it pass for Maidana who hit him from the right and intervened the purslane defense.

Olympia again in the Marathon area, leaked pass to Ever Alvarado and Denovan Torres saved his goal. On the play, the white captain was injured and had to leave the field due to a left knee injury. Elvin Casildo entered in his place on the 17th.

José Mario Pinto warned in 34 with a soft shot that went to Torres’s hands.

José Mario Pinto opened the scoring in minute 39. Benguché steals the ball from Henry Figueroa, drives Yustin Arboleda, shoots and Denovan Torres cap, but leaves the ball bouncing in his area and Pinto took the opportunity to score 1-0.


OLIMPIA: 1 Edrick Menjívar, 2 Maylor Núñez, 17 Jonathan Paz, 16 Johny Leverón, 3 Ever Alvarado (25 Elvin Casildo, min.17), 12 Cristian Maidana, 20 Deiby Flores, 32 Carlos Pineda, 21 José Mario Pinto, 19 Yustin Arboleda and Jorge Benguché 9.

Coach: Pedro Troglio.

MARATHÓN: 25 Denovan Torres, 12 Carlos Perdomo, 21 Esteban Espíndola, 3 Henry Figueroa, 6 Walter Ramírez, 38 Bryan Martínez (65 Luis Vega, min. 43), 13 Marlon Ramírez (9 Frelys López, min. 45), 10 Mario Martínez, 7 Carlos Discua, 30 Edwin Solano and 20 Bruno Volpi.

Coach: Héctor Vargas.

REFEREES: Melvin Matamoros, Erick Coello, Alberto Meza and Alex Morazán.