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LIVE: Pineda’s Shot That Contains The Goalkeeper, Honduras And Romania Are Goalless! – Ten


20 & # 39; Douglas Martínez center on the right that the Romanian defense rejects. The Bicolor maintains the pressure.

16 & # 39; Jorge Benguché takes a shot that goes astray and ends up lamenting. Honduras is still looking for that first goal.

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15 & # 39; Honduras touches the ball in the area trying to create an attack. Romania goes out in search of the ball.

CLOSE! Carlos Pineda’s shot that the goalkeeper contains with his knees. Against Romania forgive the Bicolor.

CLOSE! Edwin Rodríguez overflows on the right and takes a shot that is saved by goalkeeper Aioani at minute 8.

CLOSE! Free kick to the pot that Pașcanu ends up sending out headlong. Honduras is saved at minute 7.

3 & # 39; Rigoberto Rivas tried to penetrate the area from the left, but ends up committing an offensive foul.

2 & # 39; Romania begins to touch the ball looking to do damage. The Bicolor looks orderly in its lines at this start of the game.

START THE GAME! Honduras vs. Romania for the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

4:56 AM Now the Romanian anthem is sung. The duel that closes Date 1 of Group B of the Tokyo Olympic Games is about to start.

4:55 AM How cute! The sacred notes of our National Anthem are sung at Kashima Stadium.

4:54 PM The Honduran and Romanian national teams make their entrance to the Kashima Soccer stadium. The meeting is about to begin.

4:45 PM The Honduran and Romanian teams are already in the dressing rooms getting ready for the start of the game.

On the 11th of Honduras: Alex Güity, Elvin Casildo, José García, Denil Maldonado, Wesly Decas, Carlos Pineda, Jorge Álvarez, Edwin Rodríguez, Rigoberto Rivas, Douglas Martínez and Jorge Benguché. DT: Miguel Falero.

The bank: Michael Perelló, Carlos Meléndez, Cristopher Meléndez, Jonathan Núñez, José Alejandro Reyes, Luis Palma and Juan C. Obregón.

Romania 11: Aioani ,. Ghiță, M. Marin, Pașcanu, Rațiu, Ciobanu, Dulca, Fl. Ștefan, Dobre, Ganea and V. Gheorghe. DT: Mirel Rădoi.

4:30 AM The teams of Honduras and Romania come out to warm up.

4:20 AM Midfielder José Alejandro Reyes also starts on the bench. Miguel Falero bets today on Carlos Pineda and Jorge Álvarez.

4:10 AM Luis Palma was a starter in the Pre-Olympic in Guadalajara, today he starts on the bench.

4:05 AM Mexico, the other representative of Concacaf, started the Olympics by beating France 4-1.

4:00 AM The preliminary game ends with a 1-0 win for New Zealand against South Korea.

5:40 AM In the other Group B game, New Zealand is beating South Korea 1-0 in the 82nd minute.

5:30 AM The teams of Honduras and Romania are already at the Kashima stadium.

5:15 AM The Honduras National Team is already heading to the Kashima Stadium.

5:10 AM Welcome to the Minute by Minute of Honduras vs. Romania for the start of Group B of the Tokyo Olympics.


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