LIVE: The Hearing Continues On The Lawsuit Of Sunshine Logroño And Gilda Santini Against Francis Rosas | Show Off

Francis Rosas will know today if he can start work in TeleOnce or should wait for the conclusion of the trial on its merits, in response to the lawsuit filed by Sunshine Logroño and Gilda Santini, under the companies Producciones Sanco Inc. and Miranda LS, for breach of contract , damages and contractual interference.

The virtual hearing is led by Superior Judge Alfonso Martínez Piovanetti, of the San Juan Court of First Instance.

At the videoconference hearing, it will be “determined whether or not the granting of the preliminary injunction remedy is appropriate, which may be consolidated with the judgment on its merits.”


“This with the main purpose of determining whether the injunction requested by the plaintiff is issued in order to prohibit the co-defendant Francis Rosas Flores from rendering his personal services as actor and television talent to third parties until October 31, 2022 ( when his contract with Logroño and Santini expires) ”, reads the order.

Rosas would be represented by Alberto Estrella and Héctor Santiago, who would be joined by Vanessa Carballido.

On June 11, the comedian reported his jump to TeleOnce and his departure from the plaintiffs’ productions, in which he worked for almost 15 years. While on July 2, Logroño and Santini filed the lawsuit, in which they also request $ 100,000.

The judge also warned that the parties must appear prepared to hold an evidentiary hearing, in which it will be clarified whether the remedy requested by the plaintiff is issued.