Liverpool Defeat Chelsea With a Penalty To Win The FA Cup

London (AP) — FA Cup added to collection: Jurgen Klopp has won all major titles in Liverpool.

A 6-5 victory over the penalty shootout in Saturday’s final brought Liverpool the first FA Cup since 2006, continuing the difficult but not impossible path of the four trophies.


Similar to the League Cup Final in February, the FA Cup Final ended 0-0 in 120 minutes of play, and Liverpool jumped to the top again. This time, Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount’s penalty was diverted by goalkeeper Alison, who won the first goal since Konstantinos Tsimikas joined the club.

Within two weeks, Liverpool hopes to defeat Real Madrid in the Champions League final and raise another trophy. Before that, Klopp should expect Manchester City to stumble in the last two rounds of the Premier League and Liverpool to use it to regain the trophy.

“It’s part of the’monster spirit’, going into overtime, keeping levels high and playing well,” said Liverpool goalkeeper Alison Becker. “I’m more confident about going to the Premier League and Champions League finals. It’s a great moment and we should enjoy it.”

Upset by several weeks of ownership changes, Chelsea are the first team to lose the FA Cup Final three times in a row. In 2020 they were beaten by Arsenal and last year by Leicester.

The world’s oldest football cup f inal has never been penalized. It hasn’t ended in goalless since 1923, when it began playing at the National Stadium.

However, Liverpool’s final FA Cup victory in 2006 was one of two penalty shootouts in Cardiff while Wembley was being rebuilt.

The final began with a melancholy moment when Liverpool fans booed the national anthem and Prince William’s introduction, and then ended with half of the stadium covered in red smoke haze.

The match was tense and both teams shot 58 shots in two matches at Wembley in 2022 and couldn’t find the net.

Liverpool had their first chance at the feet of Colombia’s Luis Diaz, but goalkeeper Edouard Mendy missed the shot. Then, on a frustrating afternoon for Chelsea strikers, Christian Pulisic’s shots widespread.

During the first half, Liverpool players had some injury delays.

Allison held down Marcos Alonso’s shot and hit the shin. He recovered, but after a while Mohamed Salah collapsed. The groin pain prevented the striker from continuing to play, but 33 minutes later when Diogo Jota came in for him, he was able to leave the pitch without assistance.

Liverpool were left without the highest scorer in the Premier League and Chelsea couldn’t take advantage of it.

In the second half, Chelsea widened Alonso’s shot, Pulisic’s shot was rejected by Allison, and Alonso’s free kick crashed into the crossbar.

Towards the end, Liverpool attempted an attack, but Diaz’s shot bounced off the post and Andy Robertson escaped from close range.

After waiting 16 years, Liverpool won the 8th FA Cup.


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