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Livia Brito Accuses Photographer: “It Destroyed My Career”

Livia Brito accuses photographer: “It destroyed my career” | Instagram

“I don’t want to destroy his career,” the photographer has revealed in some of the interviews, Ernesto Zepeda, a victim of the attacks by actress Livia Brito and her partner on the beaches of Cancun five months ago, only asks that the tools of work that was confiscated in the altercation.

Five months have passed since the confrontation between the Cuban-born artist Livia Brito in Quintana Roo against the paparazzi Ernesto Zepeda, to whom the protagonist of “La Piloto” has launched accusations about the consequences this had on her career.

Some photographs taken of Livia Brito by the collaborator bothered the histrionic so much that she and her partner seriously attacked him.

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The images went online when witnesses from the place captured the moment when Brito and his companion pounced on the photographer who smashed the camera on his head causing some injuries for which he had to be treated.

Ernesto Zepeda told various media about what happened while he also begged the Cuban woman to return the personal belongings that she carried in a backpack that, according to her account, “the actress took from her.”

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Has Livia Brito refused to pay compensation?

After five months, Ernesto Zepeda still hopes that the proceedings of the lawsuit that he filed will continue and that he will be able to recover his work tools, the camera he needs to carry out his work. In the same way, it has been known that this legal process continues but has been delayed by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The events arose after Zepeda captured some images on the beaches of Cancun, where the telenovela interpreter was with Mariano Martínez, whom they pointed out as her partner.

After these events, the parties have not agreed, the paparazzi explained the actress’s legal team looked for him to try to reach an agreement, however, the meeting did not go as expected since in the end Livia accused him of damage his image and his career collapse.

According to the testimony that Ernesto Zepeda described, this occurred at the meeting:

We had the opportunity to meet, their lawyers asked me if we would meet to talk, to see if we could reach an agreement, which I accepted even though my lawyer did not want to, “said Ernesto.

“We saw each other and they both offered me an apology, but not two minutes passed when she told me that it was destroying her career because of this whole situation. The lawyer wanted to go off on a tangent, that each one left, as in an accident vial, ‘with his blow and that’s it’, but they committed a crime, which is robbery with violence and in Quintana Roo they are imprisoned from ten to eighteen years ”, the photographer mentioned in an interview.

Ernesto Zepeda reiterates that he will not desist from his complaint, as he points out, he does not want the actress to go to prison, he only wants to recover his work equipment, he said.

It should be remembered that Livia moved away from the cameras after what happened since the productions where she was contemplated announced that they would not work with the actress.

This after the producer Juan Osorio himself announced that his new novel would dispense with Livia’s collaboration, in the same way, the production “Médicos: Línea de Vida” where he participated also announced the name of the actress who would replace Brito in the cast.

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It was through an interview with the medium “Sale el Sol” where Zepeda details what happened in his reunion with the histrionic.


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