Lizbeth Rodríguez Could Leave Badabun, She Feels Very Controlled By Company

Lizbeth Rodríguez could leave Badabun feels very controlled by company | Instagram

Badabun is the YouTube channel with the most Spanish-speaking subscribers, Lizbeth Rodríguez works for him and also has his individual channel, but he said he felt controlled, maybe the opportunity to quit.

According to the statutes of any company certain rules must be followed which tends to be established in a previous contract.


Lizbeth mentioned in her stories from her official Instagram account that she would like more freedom, however, she was a bit limited precisely because of the channel's instructions.

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As in any job, if you are subordinate, you must obey and that is exactly what happened to Lizbeth, you must be accountable and abide by the orders that your own bosses do to you, total in the end it is one more job.

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja worked together with Badabun on the "Jukidog" project where they aimed to rescue puppies from the street as well as animals in captivity.

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The Badabun channel has been involved in certain conflicts with other channels and youtubers however no rumors have been confirmed, although every one that appears is denied.

"Oh, I don't know at this moment in my life, I feel I don't know, like very controlled, I feel I can't do what I want, what we do about it, friends, leave your opinion here," said Lizbeth.

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Story where he said he felt controlled | Instagram

Rodríguez has the most successful and famous badabun series "Exposing infidels", since there is a wide variety of content on the channel, celebrity curiosities, comics and web series which could be a serious blow to the channel if its conductor more Famous she decided to go out and try her luck on her own.

From a few months her followers learned that she had a son, she is a proud mother and has fought hard for her little Eros, now she shares beautiful moments with her offspring and is very happy as she normally is.

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