Look At Selena Gomez With The Sensual Black Lingerie That Kim Kardashian Gave Her

Selena Gomez again made news recently thanks to the two new themes she is promoting on social networks, now she drives her fans crazy with a black lingerie that gave her the most famous Kardashian.

By Drafting MiamiDiario

In recent weeks Selena Gomez is sweeping the two new singles that is promoting "Lose You To Love Me" and "Look At Her Now", after having been moving away from the music field for a long time.


"Lose You To Love Me" is breaking record records on YouTube and Spotify platforms, show.news said.

This topic has also been very controversial because Selena composed it and makes reference to what she felt after ending her relationship with Canadian singer Justin Bieber in 2018. Now he’s married to Hailey Baldwin.

Another reason why the 27-year-old artist was a trend in the networks – a while ago – is that some photographers got her a little chubby, some said she neglected her silhouette and that's why she used loose clothing.

However, now the former actress of the children's series Barney & Friends, has an incredible body that caused a sensation in social networks, when she showed him dressed in the black lingerie of the brand «SKMS» that highlights her slender silhouette, it was rumored that Kim Kardashian herself gave it to her.

In the photograph that is causing a furor on social networks, the former Disney star appears in front of a mirror wearing the attractive underwear. According to Kim, the underwear and the girdles he promotes improve the silhouette of those who wear it.

In recent days Selena was interviewed on the On Air With Ryan Seacrest program where she talked about her new songs. She confessed that she was away from the musical field because she was depressed, and because of a surgery that was performed and for which she had to rest. About Justin he indicated that he had to accept the feelings, express it through his compositions and listen to himself now be at peace.

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