"Look At The Slaughter There Is, I Am From Three In The Morning"

Havana Cuba. – Long lines and crowds were part of the main stage on Monday in several stores in the Cuban capital, which opened their doors to the public with offers of dollar items such as appliances, car parts and motorcycles.

“I am here since three in the morning, and when I arrived, there were already people. I made as an eighteen number, everyone came very early to buy. Look at the slaughter here, ”said Alberto Linares after acquiring a split at the 3rd and 70th Mall.


Linares explained to CubaNet that, although the products have very good prices, the service is poor due to the lack of employees in the new stores.

“There are only two people attending the boxes, that makes them take a long time to collect and test the equipment. Too much bureaucracy, I think we will never go out in Cuba, ”Alberto lamented.

For Dora García Castañeda, the offers, compared to the stores in CUC, are extremely good and cheaper, but in her opinion more stores of this type should be opened to avoid long lines.

“Very good prices, excellent I would say, but what is not easy are these lines. The other thing is that you have to do a tremendous paperwork when you are going to pay, and if there are two cardholders, it is worse, because they have to take all the data to both of them, ”explained Dora.

The opening of these stores that offer products only in hard currencies and whose payments can only be made through magnetic cards, arrive as a state strategy to collect foreign currency that until now Cubans left in purchases made in countries such as Panama and Mexico.

“If they keep up with constantly stocked stores, something that is difficult to achieve in Cuba, I think it is a very good strategy that the government should have put into practice a long time ago because in Cuba there is a lot of need and these prices compared to other stores and with the black market they are more affordable, ”said Mairelis Morín Delgado.

To be able to buy in the aforementioned stores, Cubans must open a bank account in any type of hard currency and obtain a magnetic card to make payments.

Since the announcement of the opening of these stores, many people began to make long lines in Banks to obtain the card and be able to make purchases this Monday.

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