Los Angeles Police Recover a Stolen Hearse With a Coffin

The Los Angeles Police managed to recover this Thursday a hearse that had been stolen with a coffin inside with a woman’s body, after a chase that left three vehicles crashed.

More than five patrolmen chased this morning a black van fleeing on Highway 110, one of the busiest in the city, after a call that alerted the presence of the vehicle in a neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The robbery occurred on Wednesday night when the employee of a funeral company left the car on while leaving a coffin in the Orthodox Church of San Antonio, near the city of Pasadena, according to local media.


Upon leaving the church, the employee noticed the disappearance of the vehicle with another coffin inside.

Following the complaint, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department sent the thief a message on his Twitter account: “Of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make a good decision and bring the deceased.”

The authorities asked for public help to find the vehicle. On Thursday morning, they received the fact that the hearse was in a neighborhood in southern Los Angeles.

When the troops arrived at the scene a chase broke out that extended to the highway, where the suspect he was driving ended up crashing into two other cars.

The authorities finally arrested the thief and recovered the coffin that was still in the back of the hearse.

The vehicle, as shown by local stations, had severe impacts on the front.