Louis Tomlinson Does Not Know If Noel Gallagher, Co-author Of His New Song, Has Even Heard It

Singer Louis Tomlinson, a declared fan of the late band Oasis, has made it clear that the idea that Noel Gallagher is among the co-authors of his new song ‘Walls’, the first single from the recently released self-titled album, is more than enough reason to feel that he has fulfilled one of the great dreams of his life, and that he cannot even confirm with total certainty that his illustrious collaborator has even deigned to listen to the song. “I don’t know if he has come to listen to it, but the case is that he signed it, so I’m getting on the walls of emotion, “the former One Direction member joked in his Thursday interview to the radio program Hits Radio Breakfast. It is true that the implication of the composer and Guitarist of the mythical British training has been minimal, since in reality he has only had to yield the rights of certain elements of the successful songs ‘Stop Crying Your Heart Out’, ‘Cast No Shadow’ and ‘Acquiesce’: a lucrative loan that, in any case, has delighted Louis. “The truth is that I was very surprised to say yes. It is a detail,” he added. Despite the low credibility that accompanies the latest rumors about a hypothetical reunion of the Gallagher brothers on the stage, conjecture that, everything That is, they have not stopped appearing sporadically in the media since the band finally said goodbye in 2009, Louis Tomlinson still keeps alive his hope that Oasis will rise someday from his ashes. “I have the impression that theories come out respect once a month. I’d love to, really, I never had a chance to see them together and I’m a big fan of their music. Of course it would make me very excited, “he said during the same conversation.