Louis Tomlinson Thanks One Diection For Reducing His ‘ego’

Unlike other young pop stars who often deny their beginnings as members of a band in order to exhibit some personal and artistic maturity, singer Louis Tomlinson is not willing to offer a distorted image of the wonderful experiences he lived as a member of One Direction, the missing formation that catapulted him to stardom at the beginning of the last decade and that, at the same time, helped him significantly lower his ego. We must remember that the 28-year-old interpreter appeared in 2010 at the auditions of the British edition of ‘Factor X’ with the objective, like the rest of the candidates, everything is said, to enter the contest as a soloist. After being rejected on his first attempt, he was later rescued along with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan to form a ‘boyband’ who would end up making history. “He was a bit presumed by that time, really. I arrived at One Direction with the ego still too high and gave me more importance than I should, I will not lie. Being in a group helped me to lower the fumes a little and recover contact with reality. I also learned how important it is to work hard . As a child he was not a hard-working boy, but now I am, “he confessed to Dork magazine. The gratitude that, towards the late musical training and the program that laid its foundations, emerges from his words fits perfectly with the statements that, just a few days before, Louis offered about this unfair tendency that certain colleagues have when criticizing or radically demarking from their artistic past. “Two reasons [por las que nunca se ha quejado de One Direction]. First of all, I love the band and I am very proud of the work we did with it. I am a normal Doncaster guy and the group gave me a great opportunity. But I also have to say that there is an extensive history of people who leave a band and start saying *** about it to look good in front of the gallery and score a few points. I don’t think they’re being honest, “he explained flatly in conversation with Rolling Stone.