Love Is The Medicine That Cures Fear

It was 4:30 in the morning today when I woke up and I felt the desire to kneel down and pray for the situation we are experiencing with this invisible virus COVID-19: which we cannot see or feel but we know is prevalent in many places. I prayed for the emotional state of many, that God would help them to overcome this situation and give them peace and strength not to despair, but to join in the challenge of bringing down this disease.

It is my belief and my practice that if each one of us takes on the task of stopping this virus, we can do it, and this can be achieved through practicing responsibility, from where we are and we are moving. Both the local, state and federal governments have given us orders to follow, such as staying at home and only going out to obtain the essentials for daily living. If we practice this, it would help a lot to control this epidemic.

Personally what I’m doing is continually praying asking God as he says in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to forgive our sins, and to heal our land. I ask God to heal those who are sick in hospitals and to comfort those who have lost loved ones. I pray for everyone who is emotionally affected right now, those who are afraid and those who think they are going to get sick.


Many have gone into fear and are like one of my followers on Facebook, who told me in a message that every day she thinks that she is going to get sick and die, and that she is sad for her children whom she will leave alone. . God’s word says that as man thinks, so is he. Which means that what we allow to enter our mind will live there, it will grow, and in many cases precisely for this reason we attract what we wanted to flee from.

I wish that the lady had written me a different message that said: It is true that this coronavirus is prowling around these sides, but I am not afraid, since my children and I are taking all the precautions that we have been asked to do. My children and I are washing our hands, we go out to walk alone as a family, and they do not play with other children at the moment. I explain to you that all this will soon happen and that we pray together and ask God for all the others who are isolated like us.

One of the things to avoid is to panic, because the word of God says that perfect love casts out fear, so to avoid fear you must think of others and see how to help someone who is in a less favorable situation than ours.

You can call someone, and instead of complaining, give them a word of encouragement and kindness, it’s to buy an extra gallon of milk and share it with some other mom or old man who needs it. Love is a medicine that cures many illnesses, because through serving others it makes us see that we are well. Likewise, if we have a need for something, do not stay silent, ask for help without fear of what they will say.

I recommend that if you are afraid, discard that feeling, replacing it with faith and hope. Jesus says that he feeds the birds and animals and makes the flowers bloom in the field without anyone taking care of them, and if he does this for nature, could he not do greater things for you? So do not worry about what you are going to eat and drink, but ask the Father that He will provide. Pray, trust and hope that all this will soon pass, in the name of Jesus.