Luciana Salazar Moves Away From The Show And Predicts a Future In Politics: "I Don't Rule Out Being First Lady"

Luciana Salazar moves away from the show and predicts a future in politics: "I don't rule out being first lady" – LA NACION














                        Luciana Salazar, getting closer to politics. Credit: Instagram

In spite of
his elimination of the Super Dancing (at the hands of Lola Latorre),
Luciana Salazar has already defined where she will continue her career: farther and farther from the entertainment, and closer to her new passion, politics.

A few months ago, Luli premiered as a commentator on political news through Twitter. From then on the model has generated a stir by dropping "bombs" that realize that it has reached sources close to power. She was even accused of political operator on more than one occasion.

It seems that the trip made by Pichetto to Brazil, was commissioned by the MM itself and was aimed at a special management that did not transcend, that Bolsonaro intervene before Donald Trump, so that the IMF makes the disbursement, after Lacunza's resounding failure in the USA . & – luciana salazar (@ lulipop07)
September 30, 2019

They say that Important Federal Judge (AL) went into disgrace with the circle of AF for managing in the shadows the reconciliation between Ubeira and the accused Prosecutor. & – Luciana Salazar (@ lulipop07)
October 2, 2019

This new facet is no accident and coincides with its
ambition to direct his own political consultant, as he told Caras magazine.

Luli and her daughter Matilda on the cover of Caras magazine. Credit: Faces.

In addition, the blonde expressed her desire to join for coffee with Alberto Fernández and confessed: "
I don't rule out being first lady. "A desire with certainty that quickly put more than one chimney man to find out if Salazar is in a relationship with any presidential future.

Others linked their sayings to
his link with Martín Redrado, who sounds like a possible Minister of Economy of the Fernández government.



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