Lucy Hale Has Tried To Get An Appointment With John Mayer Through An App

Currently, Lucy Hale would only be interested in starting a romantic relationship if she found someone capable of improving her life in every way, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to have a little fun while waiting for that person to appear. in mind, the former protagonist of ‘Little Liars’ has joined an exclusive dating app for celebrities in which she has encountered a more than familiar face. “John Mayer is also subscribed and I said yes, but I don’t think so that he has answered the same thing, “he revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan. Now, if one day he receives an answer, maybe he should remind himself that he promised a long time ago that he would break the dynamics of falling in love with bad boys that marked a large part from his youth. “I used to be attracted to people … with problems, and they had been through my ** day. Now I have realized that someone can be a good person without being boring or “.However, in the case of John Mayer – one of the heartbreakers par excellence in Hollywood circles where they both move – I would be willing to make an exception.” I’m so attracted to musical talent that I don’t even care about, ” He has pointed out in reference to the long record of conquests of the interpreter of ‘Your Body Is a Wonderland’, which has not always ended in the best possible terms with his former partners. Now it only remains that his comments reach John and he takes good note of the interest of the actress.