Ludwika Paleta Does Not Retire, Just Goes On Vacation

The actress says that when she announced that she was retiring, she had really meant that she would only take a well-deserved vacation

Some days ago a video was broadcast in which the actress Ludwika Palette He announced his supposed temporary withdrawal from the stage, because between the filming of a new film (of which no details have been revealed) and the theater season with the play Perfect strangers (in which his participation will end on April 4) he had devoted very little time to his family.


“It is time to rest a little because in these three months that I have been working a lot, and then before the movie, I have not been able to spend much time with my children and also in the moments that I can rest I do not rest for being with them,” he said the actress.

However, days later, the own Ludwika He said via Twitter that his words had been misunderstood by the press, because what he had meant was that he would only take a few days off and then return to his activities.

“I did not announce any” withdrawal. ” I just said that after the project I’m filming, I will take a couple of weeks of vacation. This is how they misrepresent some means, ÔÇŁsaid the businessman’s wife Emiliano Salinas.

This message was received with emotion from his followers, who applauded the news that he does not plan to retire from the stage.

“Hopefully and always do not delight with your beauty, beautiful little girl,” No … never leave !!! ” and “Thank God”, were some phrases he received in response to his tweet.

With the exception of the pauses that have been taken with the births of their children (Nicolás and the twins Bárbara and Sebastián), Ludwika Palette She is an actress with a practically uninterrupted career that began in 1989 with the soap opera Carousel and that to date, 31 years later, continues.

In addition to the film, whose shooting is about to end, he also awaits the premiere of the Netflix series Mother there are only two, in which he shares credits with Paulina Goto.