Luis Diaz’s Class Rejuvenates Liverpool

The transfer market in January is usually the time when desperate clubs are trying to get the season off the ground.

Alex Ferguson, the legendary former Manchester United manager, denied its importance by saying, “All major transfers will be completed in the summer.”


Liverpool disagrees.

Acquiring Colombian attacker Luis Diaz in the middle of the course was essential for British clubs to continue their efforts to achieve an unprecedented poker title.

And this was approved in the Champions League semi-finals on Tuesday.

Unexpectedly, Liverpool fell into a dire situation, losing 2-0 in half-time and playing badly. When Jurgen Klopp asked his assistant Peter Krawietz to identify a player who was adhering to his tactical approach, the answer was “none.”

Diaz appeared on the scene to save the furniture.

The skillful Colombian winger infused the “Reds” with his cheekyness and overwhelming ability early in the second half. He scored one of three goals in a 12-minute span to reverse the course of the match. Liverpool won 3-2 and advanced to the Champions League final for the first time in five years.

The € 45 million ($ 50 million) investment to rob Porto of Diaz is already a bargain.

“Miracles aren’t immediately expected for these types of players,” Klopp said, hinting at a January signing like Diaz. “But not too far from doing that.”

Diaz’s contribution is total. It’s not just everything that is done, but its exquisite first touch and mischief. He also stands out for his influence on other members of the team.

With Diaz solidifying his position as a starter on the left side, Sadio Mané has become a center forward and is performing at his best this season. And in reality, Diaz and Manet surpass Mohamed Salah, the most famous member of Liverpool’s offensive trio and the club’s top scorer of the season.

Also, Andrew Robertson on the left back took advantage of all the space that Diaz opened by dragging the defender.

His driving force is also contagious. He is a player who perfectly fits the style of high pressure and dynamism that Klopp preaches.

“I was talking to James Milner about a new player, Diaz, and he quickly realized from the first few seconds of his first training session that he was a soccer player made to play in Liverpool. Former club striker Michael Owen told BT Sport: “He collapsed in his first practice, but soon got up and went to pick up the ball.”

He played against Leicester on February 10th and was amazed at his luxury and marked it with his own debut.

Diaz does not disturb him to attract the masses. It was that he was a recent Merseyside derby against Everton when he dominated the ball with the heel of the right boot to outline towards the area. He signed the decisive goal of the match with the Chileans.

The advent of Diaz defeated the tridents of Sarah, Manet and Roberto Firmino, as well as the poor performance of Portuguese attacker Diogo Jota, who arrived at the beginning of the 2020-21 season.

Firmino, who is highly regarded for his technique, has been appointed as Liverpool’s fifth striker, reflecting the team’s talent.

Starting with Copa America in July, 25-year-old Diaz will complete a season of more than 60 games between the club and his national team.

He has already won one League Cup and played against Chelsea in the final in which Liverpool won a penalty in February. It’s not surprising that he will face Chelsea in the FA Cup Final on May 14th and the Champions League Final on May 28th. Also, don’t forget that Liverpool is also bidding on Premier League titles. Klopp’s side is one point behind Leaders City in the remaining four games.

Liverpool is on the verge of ending its historic season, and Diaz, who has been in Anfield for just four months, is one of the main protagonists.


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