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Luis Miguel is known for having several romances with beautiful women, among them is the actress and singer Sasha Sokol, known for being part of the group “Timbiriche”. The celebrities had a romance during the 80s, which was hidden for some time, however, over the years intimate details of this relationship have been revealed.

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Luis Miguel’s private life has aroused a lot of interest since his biographical series was released on Netflix, which was positioned as one of the most viewed in Mexico and other Latin American countries. The production, which already has two seasons, has shown us intimate details of the professional and personal life of “Sol de México” that have given us something to talk about.


In addition to his family dramas, “Luis Miguel, the series” has shown us the controversial romances of the “Sol de México”. As a result of this, the women who were part of the singer’s life have come to light, one of them is Sasha Sokol, who recently recalled in an interview his courtship with the interpreter of “La unconditional.”

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At the beginning of the nineties, Luis Miguel and Sasha Sokol were seen at the awards ceremony of Eres magazine, a publication of which they were on the cover, and there began the rumors about a possible romance. Although nothing was confirmed at that time, years later Rebeca de Alba mentioned in an interview for the Engaged Stories program that Sasha Sokol did maintain a relationship with “El Sol”.

The model even said that she lived in an apartment together with the singer, a place that Luis Miguel visited to see his girlfriend. Likewise, Rebeca de Alba affirmed that the couple looked very happy and that they were very close.

“One night the mariachis were heard and a unique voice was Luis Miguel serenading his girlfriend, who of course was Sasha. I saw Sasha very happy and him too, very empathetic and very happy, I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was one of the most beautiful courtships, “said the television host.

On the other hand, in an interview for the program D-Generaciones, the singer Yuri revealed that she sometimes went out with Sasha and “El sol”, although she felt that she was doing a bad third. “I was Luis Miguel’s friend who did a bad third, because when he was with Sasha, Luis Miguel called me: ‘Hey, do you want to go to the movies?’ He told me that he was going to go with Sasha. So when they kissed I hid, “said the interpreter of” With the blackout. “

After several years of the romance that the singers lived, Sasha Sokol recalled in an interview with various media, the courtship he had with the interpreter of “The unconditional”, which he assured did not last long.

“He was temporary as boyfriends, but very solid as friends and I am very proud of him. He is a magnificent singer and I understand the interest that his life generates for the public ”, he declared.

Likewise, when asked about Luis Miguel’s biographical series, Sasha Sokol affirmed that she has not seen it and that she cannot give opinions about it, although she knows that it is very successful.

“I have no idea, if I don’t talk about my private life, I am less going to talk about that of others. The series has been successful, people have enjoyed it (…), I have not had the pleasure of watching the series and I cannot comment, ”he said.