Luis Muriel Scored 3 Goals In The Victory Of Atalanta 7-1 Over Udinese – International Football – Sports

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The Colombian striker is still thinking about matches with the National Team.

Luis Muriel scored two goals in Atalanta's draw against Lazio.

Find the validation of El Cazamentiras at the end of the news.


October 27, 2019, 10:57 a.m.

Colombian forward Luis Fernando Muriel continues to demonstrate a great level since his arrival at Atalanta. This Sunday was the gre at figure of the overwhelming 7-1 victory against Udinese in Serie A.

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In the absence of Duván Zapata, who is injured by a muscular problem, Muriel appeared so that his team did not suffer from lack of goal. Nothing more, nothing less, that the Colombian player scored three goals.

Muriel began the comeback of his team, after he went down at minute 11, with a bit of Stefano Okaka. The Colombian made his team win 2-1 with a well-defined penalty goal.

Muriel reappeared in the scoreboard to put the 4-1. The Colombian, with his scoring nose, reached the penalty spot, after a pass to the area and with a great definition to score his second goal of the match.

But the goal party wasn't going to end there. The Colombian received a foul in the area and the judge decreed a penalty kick. Again to the charge was Muriel and the attacker returned to deceive the archer and write down his triplet.

ON FIRE TOMASINO! 🔥🇨🇴 | Luis Fernando Muriel has scored eight goals in seven games of this Serie A 🇮🇹 with @Atalanta_BC.

⚽⚽ Double vs SPAL
⚽ Goal vs Genoa
⚽⚽ Double vs Lazio
⚽⚽⚽️ Triplete vs Udinese


– Romario Quintero R (@RomarioQR) October 27, 2019


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