Luis Urueta Will Enter Ridom’s Elite Club Of Managers

Luis Urueta Will Enter Ridom’s Elite Club Of Managers

“The poor who live dreaming of heaven, the poor who cry without consolation” by Felipe Pirella

Colombian coach Luis-Pipe-Urueta, who is currently at the helm of Gigantes del Cibao, could join the exclusive managerial membership at the same club for the second season in a row this season and take the crown of the champions. there is.

To date, seven leaders of the 68 championships held are in that small niche. I was. In the current championship, they belong to a category with powerful debacles that require a very special follow-up.


The seven coaches who achieved the double crown are as follows.

Tom Lasorda of Raisey: Beat the Stars 5-2 in 1972-73 and the Eagles 5-2 in 1973-74.

Johnny Ripon, Aguilas Sibaenhas: Beat Lissi 5-2 in 1977-78 and Escogido 5-0 in 1978-79.

Felipe Rojas Alou, Leones del Escogido: Beat the Eagles 5-4 in 1980-81 and the Stars 5-1 in 1981-82.

Manuel Mota, Tigres del Risy: A very special case. 1969-70, Billy Maffeff starts as pilot, replaces Fred Harfield, who was hit in the head by a line drive during batting practice in the first game of the final series, and Mota takes charge to win the final I was. 6-1 to the Eagles. In 1970-71 Mota replaced Fred Harfield (29-25) for the championship title. In 1982-83 Laissy’s Mota beat Aguilas 5-2 and in 1983-84 they defeated Aguilas 4-3 to win the crown.

Winston Lenas, Aguilas Sibaenhas: Beat Laci 4-1 in 1985-86 and Stars 4-1 in 1986-87.

Phil Regan, Leones del Escoguido: Beat Stars 4-3 in 1987-88 and Raisey 4-0 in 1988-89.

Felix Fermín and Aguilas Sibaenhas: The 2006/07 season saw them beat Laissy 5-2 and the 2007/08 champions beat Laissy 5-3.

Can Pype Ulurueta get the keys to the champions entering this exclusive club? …Let’s hope.

days like today

In 1962, Manuel Mota was traded from San Francisco to the Houston Astros along with Dick LeMay in a trade for Joe Amalfitano.

In 1986, Escoguido lefty Pete Filson whitewashed Aguilas Sibaenhas 4–0 to record his second nine-zero of the season. The scarlet infielder had his seven double plays, setting a new record in Dominican baseball.

In 1989 Estrellas Orientales whitewashed Aguilas del Cibao 10-0. Mark Calleon hit a triple, double and single and drove in four runs.

In 1997, the Azcaleros del Este defeated Laci 7-3, aided by a homer by Paul Conerco, Danny Bautista who hit 3-4, and a bat that homered by Ángel Peña. .

In 2003, Leones del Escodido’s Ramon Nivar had six hits in six at-bats in a 12-2 win over Laci.

In 2010, the San Francisco Giants signed veteran infielder Miguel Tejada to a one-year, $6.5 million deal.

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