Luján Presents Call For Extraordinary Council Of Morena

The president of the Council of Morena, Bertha Luján, presented the call for the Extraordinary National Council on January 26, to define the permanence of Yeidckol Polevnsky.

According to Milenio, the also aspiring to the national leadership of Morena informed that the method to elect the new national leader of the party will also be defined.

During an event, Luján said that he has the support of 67% of state councilors and 56% of national councilors, to carry out the National Extraordinary Council.


The call, he said, does not violate the statutes, as he indicated that he adheres to the approval of the deadline for the CEN of Morena to comply with the decision of the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF).

He said that the next event will bring together the quorum of 1,350 militants from every country to hold the National Council, whether or not Polevnsky.

The event will be on January 26 at the Fernando Montes de Oca Arms Room in Ciudad Deportiva, in the Iztacalco City Hall.