Lupillo Rivera Accepts Romance With Belinda For Tremendous Blackmail

Lupillo Rivera accepts romance with Belinda for tremendous blackmail | Instagram

Following the rumors of singers Lupillo Rivera and Belinda that they had an affair since the beginning of the year, the singer ended up accepting him, recently he confessed that he was blackmailed to affirm his "relationship with Belinda."

It all started since they were part of "La Voz México" in which rumors said they both maintained a relationship, of course they both denied it.


Until a few weeks ago something unexpected happened, Lupillo Rivera confirmed that he loved Belinda, and that during the months they were in the program they had a relationship.

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Lupillo did not stop praising the singer and saying that she was an extremely important person in her life as well as that she was the person she loved most in her life.

He said in the interview months ago that everything was very beautiful; but they did not reach the degree of meeting family members of one or the other and also that the age difference was never a difficulty between them.

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Recently the interpreter of "They had already told me" said he had to affirm "his relationship with Belinda" since they had blackmailed him with a video in which both appeared "doing things".

"The truth that time they stuck us, they stuck me with a video and they told me‘ Lupe, we need to talk about this because this video can come out ’, it's that easy," said Lupillo Rivera. "

In spite of all that has happened, Lupillo continues with the intention of protecting the singer apart from not wanting to "hang on her fame", however on Belinda's part and having always talked about positive things about her, the artist got too upset with him .

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“And I said‘ you know what, I have to say it, even if he gets angry ’, and he got angry… Up to that point I got to protect her,” he said.

After having published the interview with Lupillo, he got off the platform so Lupillo questioned the headlines of "Gossip not like" because the driver hours later said that Belinda extorted him to remove the video where Rivera confessed his love for her.

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