Macri Compared Kirchner With "a Woman Who Uses Your Card" And Cristina Accuses Him Of Machirulo

Mauricio Macri compared the economic policy of Kirchnerism with that of a woman who "uses" her husband's card and spends without limit, until "one day they come to mortgage the house."

"Populism mortgages the future for you to live a present. And when it's over, it's over," the President reflected in an interview with a Parchment radio, where he could share a new day of the "S can" campaign with Mara Eugenia Vidal.

Then, to give ground to his critic, he shared: "This is like giving up the administration of the house to your wife. And your wife, instead of paying the bills, used the card, used the card and used the card. and one day you come to mortgage the house, to take your house. "


The statements generated the immediate reaction of Cristina Kirchner, who came to remember that she warned that the President was a "machirulo", referring to the crossing they had when he accused her of doing "crazy things" and she launched: "try to crazy a woman, typical of machirulo ".

Later, during the act of "If you can" in Parchment, Macri said: "It should have been the other way around, because we know that they manage better than us," said the president and provoked the laughter of Mara Eugenia Vidal, who was by his side on stage.

Macri took advantage of the interview to ratify the "relief" measures taken by the Government for the most vulnerable sectors, but stressed the need for "a level of consensus" to consolidate the process of change in the country.

"What we are doing is building the foundations on which we are going to grow 20 years," he told LT 35 Radio Mon de Parchment. Seal that "there really is a better future for all" and asked "to continue working together" despite "the difficulties", because Argentina is going to "grow again, employment will be generated and much more relief will come for the middle class ".

"But what I am convinced of is that to the difficulties that we still have to solve, adding the problems of the past, which we have already solved, will not help us," he remarked. He said in that sense that "the world was scared" after the STEP, a situation that "took us Pas Risk from 700 to 2000" points.

"The world is not here for Argentina to come back. Those who have to bet on Argentina say if they come back, we are not here," he said and says that "everything we have done has not been in vain."

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