Madonna Ditch Once And For All The Debate: Size Does Matter

The knee injury that has forced Madonna to postpone several of the appointments of his world tour ‘Madame X’ has not affected his good mood or his desire to entertain his devoted fans with risque anecdotes on his return this week to the stages, to offer two consecutive performances at the London Palladium. Attendees at his recitals this Wednesday and Thursday met a pop queen more talkative than ever and eager to offer his opinion on such controversial issues as , for example, the eternal debate about the importance of the size of the virile member. “What do you say to a man with a small penis? In my case, the answer is: ‘I don’t know.’ I’ve never been with a guy I had it small. But let’s see, size matters, we all know it, don’t pretend it’s not true, “said the artist with a lot of aplomb. That confession is a compliment to her previous sexual partners, which include the actor Sean Pe nn or the film director Guy Ritchie -with whom he was married- and the young 25-year-old dancer Ahlamalik Williams who has conquered his heart most recently. Despite his desire to interact with the audience, the artist could not hide the physical ailments that They have considerably limited their mobility and that forced him to resort to a chair in the middle of the concert so as not to force his joints too much. However, she took advantage of this situation as an excuse to show off her legendary oral ability. “Normally, when I get to this part I kneel for twenty minutes,” he explained to everyone present to apologize for the change in the choreography, before adding in a sly tone: “I’ve always been told that I am very good at kneeling.” .