Maduro Asks Americans Not To Accept a War Against Venezuela

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, addressed this Sunday a letter “to the people of the United States” in which he asked them not to accept “a bloody, indefinite-duration war conflict” against the South American country, just as, according to the president. Donald Trump plans.


Maduro thus responded to the order given by the President of the United States to intensify the naval and military presence on the coasts of Latin America under the pretext of “fighting against drug trafficking.”

In the letter, the Venezuelan president stressed that while “the world is paralyzed trying to control a pandemic (by COVID-19)”, the Trump government “has ordered the largest US military deployment in the region in 30 years with in order to threaten Venezuela. ”

“I ask you (Americans) with your heart in your hands, not to allow your country to be drawn, once again, to another endless conflict, another Vietnam or another Iraq, but this time closer to home,” he said. .

He warned in the document that Trump has “instrumentalized the institutions to achieve his electoral objectives” and that he “builds a smokescreen to hide the improvised and erratic handling of the pandemic” in his country. ”

The United States has become the country in the world with the most infections by the new coronavirus, with more than 305,000 cases and around 8,200 deaths, according to the unofficial account of the Center for Systems, Science and Engineering (CSSE) of Johns Hopkins University ( Maryland).


This letter from Maduro appears after the increase in tension in relations between Venezuela and the United States with various actions announced by both parties.

This week, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, proposed a transitional government to stop the crisis in the Caribbean country where the creation of a State Council was considered, which neither Maduro nor the opposition leader Juan are part of. Guaidó.

In Pompeo’s approach, this body would take control of the Executive until calling “free elections”.

Days later, Trump gave the order to double the number of military ships to combat drug trafficking in the eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, with special emphasis on Mexico and Venezuela.

“We are deploying naval destroyers, combat ships, helicopters, air force planes for surveillance and patrols of the Coast Guard, doubling our capabilities in the region,” Trump said in an appearance in which he appeared alongside the military of your government.

The next move was this Friday, when Maduro ordered the mobilization of artillery pieces to face an eventual armed combat.

The so-called “Bolivarian Shield” aims, in Maduro’s words, “to be prepared for the fight for peace.”

Another movement of the United States was to accuse Maduro and a dozen of his cabinet at the end of March, for alleged “narcoterrorism” and money laundering, something that the Venezuelan Executive immediately rejected.



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