Maduro Says He Considered Ordering Capture Of Venezuelan 'terrorists' In Brazil

Caracas, Dec 28 (EFE) .- The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said Saturday that he considered ordering the Armed Forces to capture 5 deserters in the Brazilian territory that his Government accuses of attacking a military barracks in the South of the country, which culminated in the death of an officer and the theft of 120 assault rifles and 9 grenade launchers.

'Our Army reached the line (with Brazil) and saw the terrorist attackers on that side. We had a dilemma: enter and capture them and bring them or respect the border and sovereignty with Brazil, we had a dilemma because terrorism has no borders, 'said the governor in his act of salutation at the end of the year to the Armed Forces.

"(But) we make the right decision according to international law, the Brazilian territory is sacred, Venezuela recognizes this, we respect the Brazilian terri tory," he added.



The Brazilian Army held last Thursday in the state of Roraima, which borders Venezuela, five Venezuelan military in an indigenous reserve and proceeded to interrogate them to establish the reasons for their presence in the country, the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs reported yesterday it's a statement.

The note indicated that the military was 'unarmed', but did not clarify whether they were arrested.

Today it was learned that the five began procedures to be welcomed in Brazil as refugees.


The Maduro government said earlier that these fighters are 'deserters' of the Venezuelan Armed Forces and responsible for the attack last December 22 on a military installation in the Gran Sabana, where an officer died and 120 assault rifles were stolen and 9 grenade launchers.

In addition, he announced that he activated 'diplomatic procedures' to request the delivery of the five military to Brazil.

"Venezuela aspires to have the greatest collaboration from the authorities of the Federative Republic of Brazil, as a result of the cooperation that must prevail between the States in the fight against terrorism and threats to social peace," said the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry it's a statement.

On the same day of the attack 9 people were arrested. Today, three others were arrested, Maduro said.

MATURE accuses duke

The president also reiterated his accusations against the Government of his Colombian pair, Iván Duque, whom he pointed out as the 'enemy of Venezuela', and asserted that the attackers were trained in Cali (southwest).

"But Colombia is silent, the Government says nothing," Maduro said, despite the fact that the Duke Administration has already unmarked the events and labeled the accusations as "unfounded and malicious." EFE