Magneto And Show 90s Pop Tour: Cancel Concerts In Peru And Bolivia Music

The company Grupo minute SAC reported on the cancellation of the show called 90s Pop Tour that was going to be held on Friday, October 11 in Lima and that it had as attractive the presentation of bands like Magneto, OV7 Y Mercury.

According to the company in question, the responsibility lies in the breach of contract of the tour managers.


“The reasons for the cancellation respond to the breach of the contract by the company BOBO USA Incorporated, company in charge of the tour that presented the artists Magneto, Kabah, OV7, Mercurio, Caló, JNS and The Sacados, who are part of this international tour ”, It is indicated in the press release.

“Although the payment of the advance payment of around 50% of the tour cost was made, BOBO USA Incorporated decided not to deliver any invoice putting the Peruvian company at risk that in good faith hoped to do the show in Lima and Bolivia "

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The communication also informs that the issue will be handled legally. It should be added that the show in Bolivia was also canceled.

Regarding the return of the money, the company indicates that users can contact the mail [email protected].